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a road trip

hi! i have missed you all and am excited to be back. the past ten days was a road trip to remember. parks and i traveled from alabama to ohio for my dad's 60th birthday and then traveled back to charlotte with my mom yesterday. my cousin's wedding was so beautiful and we all loved birmingham! i thought i would share some of my photos and memories with you all.
my road trip favorite treats | sour patch kids, cooler ranch doritos, hot tameles, peanut butter crackers (or cups if i am living on the wild side!) and a latte (who else is excited that starbuck's now has almond and coconut milk?!) 
blowing out the candles with grandpa. my brother and sister drove in from cincinnati and surprised my dad for dinner... it was so nice to be there to celebrate with him. 
feast & forest (downtown birmingham) before the wedding with my sibs... it was delicious.
i enjoyed a mimosa and recommend the rosemary lemonade as well
the fresh flowers and cute touches made it a place that touched my heart
i hope to visit again someday!
blessed to have the dad that i do. he is one in a million. 
boutique shopping in tipp city, ohio | merchant 31
my body needed a break and so a mini break felt fantastic 
i packed lots of books and enjoyed time with family and friends
(and made up for lots of lost sleep!) 
i got a lot of questions about my outfit... i loved it as well. (and thank you to everyone) both are from dillard's (they were online but aren't anymore) 

it was so wonderful to see my 87 year-old grandma hundreds of miles away from home and able to  celebrate with all of us. and how handsome are my southern cousins, james and ryan 
he loves his mimi (and carried that mini bunny jellycat everywhere) 
during the first dance, parks started to walk down the aisle... and i naturally went after him (he's walking with my dad) as my loving (and super laid back) aunt pam said, 'no, janelle, let him go!' and so i snapped this photo. and i adore it. (you can see her on the right- she looked stunning)

a few more from shopping near my hometown 
the lanterns were so magical 
she is the sweetest soul; a beautiful soul.
the friday night before the dinner we all went out in the soho district of birmingham and enjoyed dinner + drinks. parks wore his taco shirt for the occasion (we love cat + jack | target) 
-bridal luncheon-
my brother and sister mean so much to me
i look up to both of them in so many ways
they inspire me every day to try to strive to become a better version of myself
... the way they love parks warms my heart...

again, i missed you all 
and just wanted to share the highlights from my trip with you all
...what have you been up to... 
i have so many exciting things coming and am happy to be back.

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