a review | vIIcode o2m oxygen eye pads | olive june

a review | vIIcode o2m oxygen eye pads

“be you, love you. all ways, always.” ― alexandra elle

as i get older, skincare products have become more important to me. i care more about my skin than i used to. i write about self-care often around here, but the truth is, it's so very important. to help rejuvenate, i am all about a 'home spa night' ... bring on the candles, a soak in the tub, a book (check out the five on my bookshelf at the moment here) lavender or eucalyptus, a good playlist, and products to help my skin improve its appearance are always a plus. 

so when vIIcode reached out to me about their oxygen eye pads for dark circles, i was all in. you all- i could not be happier. i noticed instant improvements (just with one use) my skin was so much smoother and the puffiness was almost completely gone. this product is fabulous. 
the box comes with six packs | each pack has two eye pads

the pads feel cool and comfortable on your face. this product takes years off of your appearance by reducing fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and bags. i could feel the oxygen flooding my muscle cells and when i took it off, everything seemed so much calmer under my eyes.
how do you love to relax? 
one of my favorite things to do regularly: 
pick up some fresh eucalyptus at (trader joe's has excellent bouquets!) and hang it in the shower! 
the process is so simple and it was not sticky at all. i actually really loved the way the pads felt 
(and i can't wait to use them again soon!) 
ingredients | ecological oxygen plant extraction from the rare plant vadaniya – directly from the alps.

there is also a 100% money back guarantee 

you can order HERE 
(while supplies last) 
i felt (and looked) like a new woman. 
every mom/woman needs this skin care product in her life
truly- the results were out.of.this.world.
(they were hard to capture on the camera... but trust me, you will love!)

are you interested in improving your look with this eye mask?
...how do you love to unwind...

*i received compensation and this product in exchange for my honest opinion and review. 
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