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currently {march edition}

watching | we have been all about the red box movies lately. both of our picks over the past week have been movies based off of books i have read in the past. when my sister was here last weekend, we went to our favorite spot in town, soul, and then picked up some talenti gelato + the movie, 'me before you.' loved it. i thought it was beautiful and well done. my husband and i watched, 'the girl on the train,' last week as well... i read the book before becoming a mom and the movie was intense (my emotions about some of the things in the book are a lot more tender now.) 

eating | we are trying to eat healthier and more whole, real foods. any blogs you love with good recipes? 

saying | call me crazy, but i would love one more snow in charlotte? (we have had one!) and i think my yearning for balance is going pretty well so far... it's been a journey but i am feeling much better about this aspect of my life. 

wearing | all the lula! especially the lola, jill, and the lucy skirts. i am having a pop-up tonight in my vip page if you are interested. i can't get over the cute patterns + comfort these days. plus, starting this business has been one of my best decisions i have made in life so far. 

posting | i am hoping to post so many things soon! parks' birthday party, some very exciting sponsored posts + giveaways, spring inspirations, and my new series, 'walking with God through the seasons of motherhood' | a bible study. i am aiming for next monday to begin... comment below if you are interested in joining. 

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  1. You should check out the Inspiralized site - she has so many great recipes full of great veggies! And I've read both of those books but never seen the movies because I'm afraid they would ruin it a bit for me... but combined with gelato, you can't go wrong! :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. you are the best!! thank you so much! I am going to check this out now... hope your week is going well and I totally understand about the movies. The Girl on the Train was very intense but I loved Me Before You (esp. the main character's cute style- love her in general!) xo

  2. I don't always eat according to the Whole30 regulations, but I love looking at their blog and social media for recipe ideas. They are all about eating real, unprocessed food, and a lot of their recipes are easy to make.

    1. Thank you so much! I need to check this out... so nice of you to share! Hope your week is going well