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cur8 || a curated style collection


let's go back to last year at this time... back when i was dreaming about starting my journey with this company and launching my very own business, i discovered this (the most inspirational- truly.) sisterhood + event on facebook. it is called cur8 || a curated style collection. i was- head over heels- in love. each of the eight women contributing to the collections/pop-up ignited something inside of me that told me... 'do this!' and i did. when times have been hard (it's been a rollercoaster since october) i have thought about this very event and these women + business owners. they showcase this company in a way that i both believe in and in a way that i adore.  

a few weeks ago, priscilla (the artistic mastermind and incredibly talented creator) sent me an invite to 'join the hood. you all... tears. i was in complete disbelief... with so much excitement in my soul. being asked to join this sisterhood is one of my greatest honors of my life so far. 
join us this sunday, march 12, for the curated collection, showcasing these fabulous clothes. 
... i am 'the natural fit' 
thank you. from the bottom of my heart.
together, we celebrate the beauty of this brand that connects us.
we look forward to showing you LuLaRoe through our eyes.
8 of lularoe's most artistic stylists, elevating the way you see lularoe.
{ 8 stylists - 8 styles - 8 sizes - 8 hours }

here are some style/visions:
"We are all creative, just in different ways. the way you dress shows your individual vision of yourself. LLR is the perfect brand to help you elevate your creativity. Many of these pieces can be worn in more ways than one. If you don't know how, just ask one of us. Or try out your imagination for size because your mind is for sure the one thing that's always the perfect fit.
how beautiful is this mustard lace lindsay!
this lola skirt + these heels are perfection. 

style |
"We believe it's time to change the way you see LLR. Don't disregard "old" patterns for the latest ones. Style is style. And there is no expiration date."


"magic is believing in yourself 
if you can do that, you can 
make anything happen."
- johann wolfgang von goethe
a graphic tee with our skirts is my newest love.
i have looked up to this lady from the start
(how soft and sweet is this lindsay kimono!!) 

we hope you're ready to see the beauty of llr through our eyes.
join us!! 

for style tips + shopping
it should be fun and full of darling (and the most comfortable) clothes ever.
let me know if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy our event...
curated just for you all.

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