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valentine's gift guide

valentine's day is almost here... today i am sharing some of my favorite gift ideas + inspirations. for the holiday honestly, i am happy with a card or a small bouquet of fresh flowers (baby's breath, white roses, garden roses, peonies, and tulips are my favorites!) what about you? i love to give and i love to show other people what they mean to me through small gestures. 

i put together this mood board for you all... hope you enjoy!
valentine's day gift guide
valentine's day gift guide

i hope you were inspired in some way 
what's your favorite piece?
(you can click the link under my mood board for info on purchasing) 
-a shop scene-

i am also offering cute packages with festive leggings + a sweet treat + shop credit in my shop
let me know if you would like one... or if you would like to send to someone who means a lot to you! 
i will ship these very quickly for you
what do you love to give and receive for this holiday? 

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