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this is us | love day

hope your valentine's day day was nice and romantic... ours was simple and i loved it. 
here are some photos from our day... 
parks was given this cute play kitchen from his grandparents for his birthday (one month ago today... and a year ago today, i took his one month photos) ... it's flying by and i am trying to savor it all. loving this age so much. for his kitchen, i used some $1 spot target decor to decorate it for february. he loves this so much. here is the link | kidkraft kitchen. if we do have a little girl, i would love to get her the ikea one and maybe wallpaper the back/paint it mint green or cream... and totally 'vintage-glam' it up. i love both of them, but i think this one is perfect for parks. plus, it matches our kitchen! it's adorable.
parks and i surprised mr. monaco with dinner at a local soda shoppe + the cutest handmade gelato shop in town called va de vie gelato (the owner was so incredibly friendly and it was absolutely delicious- the closest to europe i have experienced since living there) if you live in charlotte, i highly recommend it! 
i ran a valentine's special in my shop and had lots of fun decorating 'rosa' 
i went to yoga at the y while this boy played with his 'friends' there ... then we went to chipotle for a lunch date (#firsttimer and he loved it!) we gave parks this think baby sippy cup + the book, bear and hare, where's bear? by emily gravett (it's so cute and was one of our favorites from story time at the library recently- love her books!!) 
my sister sent parks and i cards... it was so sweet to see her handwriting in the mailbox.
she has the biggest heart and surprised me with a 'couple's massage' for us next weekend when she visits charlotte... this isn't our first 'couple's massage!!' i can't even wait for our 'sisters weekend' together... and i can't even tell you how much i need a massage right now. i am so thankful for her.
he wore his red chuck taylor's to celebrate
a photo of our breakfast nook + the tulips from my boys (they also got me a case of orange la croix)
reading lauren graham's new book, talking as fast as i can + cupid leggings (i do have another pair of these!!) + socks from h & m. the parenthood + gilmore girls lover in me enjoyed her book. 
...what did you do...
again, it was a simple day... but i could feel the love. 
however, my big + little valentine makes every day valentine's day 
(love my little family) 

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  1. HOW IS IT GOING SO FAST?! He looks so cute with that little kitchen!!