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parks james | one year old!

on january 15, my baby turned into a little toddler 
we spent the day with loved ones and it was so special 
we actually found out that he had pneumonia two days before his big day (through an x-ray). sadly, he was very sick the week before, along with teething a molar. however, my parents traveled down from ohio and many family members and close friends were still able to celebrate with us. we did a winter forest/bear theme for our little 'boo bear.'  i can't wait to share the details with you soon but i did share some on instagram
{he waited until his 12 month photo shoot to cry... i found out at the end that he was petrified of the bear and tassels around the number twelve :( i have never seen him this way before... so sad}

oh parks! my baby boy is one.

things i always want to remember: 

+ your sweet smile and demeanor
+ your chunky cheeks and feet
+ how much you love it when we walk in your room in the morning
+ your love for bath time and walks and story time at the library with your friends 
+ you love car rides and daily adventures with momma (the lady at the post office loves you!) 
+ your new love for food! you love everything... especially anything flavorful and spicy 
+ how your squeal, squeeze and get so excited when you encounter one of your stuffed animals
+ the way you smell after bath time (i love this shampoo and this lotion
+ how much you love to snuggle up with a book or rock with your chest on mine
+ your favorite word, 'wow!' 
+ the softness of your skin
+ how you blow kisses 
+ your love for music and dancing (and bobbing your head up and down) 
+ you are a little lover. such a sweet baby... if i could have five of you, i totally would. 
he loves to cuddle
... i came across this letter that i wrote to parks when i was pregnant...
dear sweet baby monaco, 
my little boy. i will soon meet you and will hold you in my arms. a tiny gift needing my love, care, and attention. i am so excited for your arrival; a little human made of pure love. we are so proud to be your mom and dad and have been anticipating your birth for so long. there are so many things we hope for you; we constantly pray for your health and the many things we want you to be able to see and do in this beautiful world. 
i hope you like us... 
you will love your daddy. he is the most amazing man i have ever met. he is devoted, passionate, caring, genuine, kind, strong; he is a man who is going to be a wonderful role model for you. he will teach you so much and will love you to no end {just like he does towards me!} i know you will look up to him and he won't let you down. he will love holding you and will give you a lot of attention. i can just picture his smile the first time he meets you-- with tears in his eyes- like the night i told him you were going to enter our life this upcoming winter. he will give you the devotion you deserve and will guide you through life with support in becoming whoever you want to be.  
when i close my eyes, i can picture your sweet face. will you look like your dad? will you look like me? or will you be a combination of us both? we are so excited to find out. 
my life is soon going to change and i am perfectly alright with that. i know it's a ton of work to raise a child, yet i have never been more ready for the challenge. for this is what i have always wanted most in this one life. as i carry you in my body, i feel your every move and wonder, 'will i be a good mother? will i make you proud? will i teach, nurture, and guide you through life in the way you most deserve? am i strong enough to watch you fall and allow you to pick yourself back up? what if i hurt you? what if i make mistakes?' i hope with all my heart that i can be the best mom for you. i hope you will always love me the way i have always loved you. you will be the center of my world. you already are. i think about you all the time. your dad and i talk about you constantly and we look forward to reading you books, teaching you the power of prayer, teaching you how to play baseball, to love the game of football, to swim and hopefully boat across serene lakes, we hope you enjoy trips to the beach and to rural, ohio, and we hope you love life. it's such a precious gift. we hope you value patience, your faith, forgiveness, and your morals/roots as much as we both do. we hope you can always come to us comfortably and that you always follow your heart. 

our hearts smile at the thought of meeting you. 

i love you, my darling baby boy. 

with love,
your mom

this year has been full of so much of this. it's here and it's real now... 
and it's even better than my most vivid dreams and my most tender hopes. 
my life has certainly changed- and i would never go back.

(and you look like just your daddy- which i love.) 

this year flew by and it has been such a joy to be your mom
i know... you turn one made me sad, too
however, each day gets better and better

you are my sunshine

(i feel bad now... knowing that he was afraid of the bear and tassels in front of him)

nothing will ever compare to this year 
because most of the time, it was just me and you
and our bond is so special. 

we enjoyed our batzkids milestone blanket this year
(they have so many cute products)
i also love these top ten ways to document your baby's first year

to many more, parks james
i love you.
to the moon and stars
the moon and stars.


  1. Poor Parks. Isn't it funny how something can set them off in an instant? It's always the most random stuff too!

    1. I know... so crazy that this is what caused him to be more afraid than I have ever seen him before!! :( Phoenix gets cuter every day... love him.