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the curated closet | five things i learned

"our clothes tell a story. our clothes reflect our personality and what's important to us."
-anuschka rees, the curated closet
first of all, i simply loved this book- so much. it is incredibly detailed and i honestly learned so much from it. sometimes are closets are so jam-packed yet we feel like we have nothing to wear. the curated closet presents a strategic approach to refining your space and identifying your personal style. it's full of useful graphics, charts, and activities, as well as beautiful photography, which all creates the ultimate guide for an authentic style. 
my book is full of notes and annotations... it has become a journal for me 
the book is broken into four parts: 1. the basics 2. discovering your personal style 3. building a dream wardrobe 4. the art of shopping
relaxing while parks sleeps and doing some 'homework' on my future approach 
here are the five main things i took away from this book:

+ minimalism isn't a numbers game | at the beginning, i think it can be a really good starting point; however, the heart of this concept isn't about numbers. instead, it's about getting rid of things that don't bring you joy while enriching your life and replacing those things with things that do; bringing meaning to different parts of your life. 

+ merging two different styles | this is totally me. both for myself and for my son, parks. i love neutrals and calm, romantic colors ... yet i love fun colors at the same time. i tend to gravitate towards romantic, boho, and vintage pieces. regarding my son, i also love neutrals and adore kids in knitted rompers and bonnets... but i also love the look of a pair of trendy jeans with suspenders and chucks. as a result, the style profile is fantastic... it is detailed and does a wonderful job of merging two different aesthetics. i am in the process of building my mood board and answering the style questions provided, which i plan to share with you all. 

+  the detox | this book does a great job of getting you ready for the detox and also showing you how to do clear out the clutter; how to say good-bye to anything that doesn't reflect your personal style and does nothing for your confidence. after i complete my style profile, i plan to do this next. although i tend to have emotional connections to 'things' ... i also know that i need this in my life right now. 

+ basics for you | i love how the book talked about different 'basics' options for every person; we are all different and have unique things about each one of us... therefore, so should our personal style. 

+ keep evolving | "your style isn't static, and neither is your personal style. a great closet is one that can grow and evolve alongside you, your style, and your life." 
what are your favorite sites for selling items? and favorite places to donate?
 i would love to do a combo as i begin my detox soon 
i just love her style!
i will keep you all posted on my own journey
anyone want to join me?
if you struggle with your style or how to successfully organize your closet, this book is for you! 
it really is wonderful. 

disclosure: i received a copy of this book from blogging for books for review purposes. the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

quotes reprinted from the curated closet copyright (c) 2016 by anuschka rees


  1. This sounds amazing! I recently did a huge purge through my closet and took several bags to Goodwill, but I still look in my closet and desire to hone my style a bit more. I might need to check this book out! I'd love to join you in this journey!

    1. Yay! Please do... and it's great! I am in the process of 'making a plan' and will be in touch! I am so excited you want to join and LOVE this book!! xo