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simply loving

hi! i hope your week is going well! recently i created a new series on my pinterest profile where i plan to pin based solely on a particular season of the year. i have thought long and hard about this... and feel like i am the type of person who needs season. living in a place that has all four is important to me; i love a change and a new start after a few months. 

i love the colors of spring, the travels of summer, the weather of fall, and the coziness of winter. 

here are a few recent pins and things i am loving from my 'winter collection.'  
these shelves, books, chairs and striped rug
these tiles! all the tiles. 
i love this look so much 
do any of you have a wood headboard? do you like it? 
someday i want to do a capsule wardrobe ... i am not there yet but maybe at some point!
have you watched the documentary 'minimalism' on netflix? 
my brother thinks i will love it and i am hoping to watch it soon 
i would love to know your thoughts
{if i did do a capsule, maybe for a season, or a month, to try it... my space would totally be styled!!)
so delicate and unique
linen mustard baby doll dress | doesn't yellow have a way of brightening a dreary day?
these floors and this plant area... this set-up is a new goal for a future home
we are needing a new wreath and this one is calling my name. maybe another diy?
such a soothing nightstand ... and i am all about a calming bedroom space

what are you simply loving lately? 


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    1. isn't it adorable? thank you so much, girl!! hope you're doing well

  2. Wow! A few things....I totally agree with you about seasons!! I would def miss them. That capsule wardrobe is very cool, I would totally need to downsize a ton before doing that, though! And that succulent garden thing...amazing!

    1. that you so much! my whole thing is... should i sell or donate? I think a combo would be great. I love to donate but also feel like it was such an 'investment?' you know? and I LOVE season and succulents so much. thank you for your sweet comment!!

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