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savoring the moments

today we spontaneously took the afternoon off and went to the park. i snapped a quick video and a few photos and then we 'took in' the day, the quiet moments, by swinging, reading a book on the bench, and by just being still.
this year i hope to: 
+ leave the laundry in the basket 
+ leave the dishes in the sink 
+ leave the toys on the floor 
+ leave the work in my shop (with balance)
+ soak in every moment with my brown.hazel eyed boys 

i love this baby boy. so much.

and so my longer posts about my inspirations for the year and our christmas memories will have to wait...
wishing you more 'little (in the moment) moments' this upcoming year

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  1. Love this so so much! Your photos are beautiful. Our best days as a family are the spontaneous ones.. where we leave our to-do list and enjoy unexpected time together. Your blog is beautiful.

    Visiting from Peony Project!