inviting calmness | month one | olive june

inviting calmness | month one

there is a quote that i have grown to love. 

 “that was the day she made herself the promise to live more from intention & less from habit.”
 – amy rubin flett
i just love these words. one of my main goals for this year is to live more in the moment, to find balance and to be intentional with my time and energy. when i took a few moments to connect the dots of this simple message, it became very powerful. as each season comes and goes, i am always met with more questioning. questioning is good, it means something matters. 

what areas of your life have become more like habits? 
i want to feel lighter, more spiritual, as healthy as possible. i am yearning for a strong balance 
between raising and creating influential toddler activities for our son, working out/yoga, eating healthy, my faith, dates and quality time with my husband, meditation, reading more books, hanging out with my girlfriends, and putting my heart and soul into my business and this space. 
last year was honestly a whirlwind (in the best way.) and so this year... i want balance and i want to live with purpose. i don't want things to go on the back burner so easily; i desperately want to find time for each one of the priorities in my life. 
i stopped breastfeeding a few days after christmas and the process was worst than being pregnant for me (holy hormones!) did any of you go through this? however, for the first time in almost two years, i have felt that old and sturdy calmness within myself over the past week... and that has been the best feeling in the world. deep down, i knew i felt different... but it had become the 'new norm.' i feel like any anxiousness from that process was (not gently) but yet finally released. 

here are some ways i have tried to invite calmness so far this month:
+ this month i have started to organize our life and our home: 
1. throwing away extra things 
2. getting closets into tip-top shape 
3. communicating and creating task assignments -delegating! (something i am not good at doing!) 
4. keeping up-to-date with calendars (and using cute washi tape for fun)
5. putting things away right away (less work later!) 
6. staying on top of bills and house projects

7. scheduling out which chores to do daily around the house

8. cleaning out my purse, wallet, and the diaper bag every time we get home, while also always putting the car keys in the same place (they have been found in the refrigerator this year)

9. it was a splurge but we had our house deep-cleaned last week, for the first time since we built it two years ago 
(doing these things has brought so much calmness already)
+ reading: two books are on the way! one is a devotional for mom's (more info soon) and one is talking as fast as i can by lauren graham. i haven't read an (adult) book in over a year- besides my journey through the book, the curated closet, which i hope to also share soon. i mean the very hungry caterpillar is cute and all... and on the night you were born, is so heartfelt/beautiful... but i am ready for a good novel. especially to kick my tv/phone before bed habit. instead, i want to talk to my husband, listen to music, journal, and read. 
+ time with others: i was able to go to book club, two nights with girlfriends, and a date over the past week (it was beyond so nice- and all so needed!) for our date, we tried haberdish in noda and it was absolutely fantastic! i would highly recommend... the cocktails, the hushpuppies, the fried chicken. yum. plus, the atmosphere is really awesome. 
+ business: i planned out my entire month of february, while cuddling up with my husband during the bachelor last night! (who's your favorite?) 
next steps: more prayer/devotionals/church, a schedule for parks (activities throughout the city- what are some of your favorite things for a one year old?) and yoga/meditation 
a stroll through a local flea market lately - hoping to share my trip soon
a mouse in the house
last night during bath time

what about you?
how do you live with intention?
...what are the ways you bring calm into your life... 

i plan to share this journey with you all over the next year
at the end of every month- the struggles, the changes, the hopeful improvements 
feel free to join along! 


  1. I love your list of things you have done and are hoping to do to keep the calm around your house and in your mind.

    Hoping to do a lot of the same as you. Find time for me (start up yoga again after baby!!) and getting the house in good shape with a schedule we can maintain even with the chaos of our busy life. Now I just need to carve out the time to actually implement these...haha

    1. HI! Such a sweet message!! Do you go to the yoga studio in Minster? I have always wanted to try it!! And when the house is calm, I totally feel more calm. Find time for YOU first. Good luck with everything and thank you for stopping in. xo

    2. In the past I have done a DVD (save money and could be done at my convenience) but have taken a few classes at the Minster studio recently. Loved it! I'm hoping there is a session that works well with my schedule when the next round begins.

    3. that's so great to hear! i hope to go some time and check it out! so glad there's a studio there. i really could have used one earlier in life <3 xo

  2. I've heard weaning is so hard. I'm not ready to even think about weaning anytime soon but I can imagine one feeling more themselves once they are no longer breastfeeding. ;-)

    1. Totally true! The way I feel now versus a few weeks ago/this past year has been night and day and has me contemplating what I will do with our (hopefully) future children. It was quite the journey (I ended up pumping exclusively at around 3 months and itched almost straight for 15 weeks) and I know it was so beneficial for Parks; however, he hormones were so crazy at times. I am going to pray about it and plan to take it week by week in the future. I hope it's going well for you! I love your posts and photos, girl. xo

  3. Give me all the calm! I, too, am seeking more calmness and intention. I'm having a tough time juggling everything, to be honest. I might be feeling a bit more overwhelmed due to the fact that we're preparing our house for several out of town guests/Louisa's baptism the first weekend in February. Hopefully I'll feel less harried after it's all over!

    1. you got this!! and i think you will... it will go great, I know it! xo

  4. I'm all about inviting calm in and finding balance and living with intention. I've been on a simplifying kick lately, too. And of course, I'm loving my planner and getting my life in order. I love that I can flip open my planner and see everything that needs to be done on one page. Balance is hard to find but you are such an inspiration in this. I believe it can be done. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

    1. yes! a planner helps so much. it's been a great year so far... i wish the same to you. you are such a sweet person. thank you, leslie!

  5. I love when you say you want balance in life AND you want to live with purpose. My son turns one in a couple of days, and like for you, this past year has flown by in less than the blink of an eye for me. I feel like last year was a year of figuring out what motherhood looks like for me, and though I don't have everything perfected or even close to under control, I have had this longing for steady balance and purpose rise up in my heart lately. So, you're not alone!
    Thanks for the beautiful words.

  6. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a clean house. I'm going through room by room and organizing/getting rid of what we dont use and enjoying the feeling of productivity =)