currenty | january edition | olive june

currenty | january edition

gathering | we had a gathering for my son's first birthday last weekend! i can't wait to show you all soon. i tried to take in the day both by enjoying it and by snapping some photos... you may have seen a glimpse of the detail on instagram. in addition, last night i was able to attend book club (it's been way too long) and i totally fell in love with a spot in uptown charlotte called essex bar & bistro. if you go, order the butter chicken. you won't regret it. it was so, so delicious (like i will be craving this dish often) along with the cool atmosphere, company, wine, and baked alaskan goodness for dessert.

making | more time for mr. monaco!! i can't forget about him. so we are going on a date tomorrow night... we are hoping to try a new southern place in the arts district called haberdish. has anyone been? thoughts? so... basically i haven't been 'out' since november but am making up for it this week! 

reading | i plan to start reading the book, talking as fast as i can by lauren graham. i loved her so much in parenthood and of course in gilmore girls (she's so fabulous!) so i am really excited. 

following | i have been enjoying bloglovin' more and more. i really want to start using it daily. 

sipping | la croix, smoothies, and hazelnut black coffee lately  
a birthday | nursery scene
a rare hour away last saturday morning... i enjoyed walking around a cute anthropologie in charlotte

...what about you...
what have you been gathering, making, reading, following, and sipping?


  1. We're trying to make more time together, too. Date nights are always worth it! Hope you have fun!

    1. yay! we had such a great time... it was perfect! did my package arrive (the something special was for Jack!) ;)