parks james | eleven months | olive june

parks james | eleven months

well, it's one month until one. my sweet baby parks james is eleven months old (well he was on december 15th) i'll be honest, i'm a total wreck over my baby turning one. i feel like i was pregnant two weeks ago and i should have a tiny baby asleep in my arms right now. time has ticked away so quickly. i have loved every stage of this incredible year but i LOVE the baby phase and wish i could keep him tiny forever. i have held back tears with every milestone and every change and phase. i wish i could hand on to his babiness forever and ever. and ever and ever and everrrrrrrr.

but you know what? his personality at eleven months has been the single best part of my life so far. 
parks continues to just be the sweetest baby, so easy going and happy
he makes the cutest faces and the cutest sounds 
he loves his 'bobo nono'
looking back, some months didn't bring the biggest changes... however, this month brought tons. he is so much more interactive and playful. he is beginning to put things together now and loves to play on his own more. he is known to 'flirt' and engage with strangers when we are out and about. he also loves to clap, wave, pat his hand on his mouth when he jabbers, and is the best kiss giver (wide mouthed and usually a good five in a row) he still loves baths, stuffed animals, story time with his friends, and he moves a mile a minute. parks has eight teeth and is working on two more (the most challenging we have had before). 
we are officially at the age where i feel like i have a big boy
my heart has doubled in size this year

things i want to remember: 
+ your tiny, chubby feet and toes
+ how you love music and dancing (swaying back and forth) 
+ looking and smiling at strangers
+ your love for peanut butter, yogurt, and bananas
+ saying 'wow!!' - mama- dada- baba - bop
+ how you love to brush your teeth 
+ splashing in the tub
+ you continue to sleep like a dream with your two favorite stuffed animals (dino and bunny) and your love for your right, ring finger (so random!!) 
+ rocking you to sleep and singing 'rock me mama like a wagon wheel!' 
+ the christmas season with a baby - so magical 
+ your LOVE for other kids and pups 
+ playing your instruments
+ your first haircut - so fun! 
+ your first thanksgiving 
+ you love board books
+ you are a momma's boy - never forget that.

being your mom is such an honor. 

i love you to the moon and stars
the moon and stars.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is SO precious!

  2. It's been so sweet watching Parks grow. He is so precious. I love all of the photos of Parks rolling around. It's so hard to keep them still!