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our holiday home

hello there. thank you for coming into our home and visiting today. it's quite cold outside for the carolinas today and the three of us are keeping warm by wearing our warmest jammies and drinking peppermint tea and + hot cocoa... and watching christmas movies. marshmallows and cold weather go together like watermelon and popsicles in the summertime. 

on another note, i was thinking about my gift wrapping for christmas this year... i love the wrapping part of the holidays. i usually go to micheael's the week before and get fun touches (more than likely around 70% off). wouldn't it be cute to include a movie quote on the tag? what are some of your favorite quotes from movies... please help me with which ones i should put on our gifts? 

here are some detail photos of our home at the moment... come on in.  
some of the things i love to decorate our home with during the holidays: 

+  i love some glitter, lots of glitter 
+ colors: gold, green, gray, pink, or white
+ lots of vintage, sentimental pieces are my true love 
+ knitted and wool items
+ trees... lots of trees 
+ wood 
+ touches of fake snow everywhere
+ brush trees
+ garland + pine
+ trader joe's has little cinnamon brooms that i place around our home (.99 cents a piece) 
+ deer + antlers
+ metallic 
+ candles 
+ poms
+ pinecones
i love to put artificial flowers on our tree + pinecones + gold 
baby boy's room 
he has a little tree in his room 
the morning st. nick came 
a scene from my shop
p for parks 
but his real name is 'boo bear' around here
so this is his 'first christmas ornament' 
a $3 target bear... that will always mean so much to me
a few scenes with my favorite sidekick this week 
storytime + a seasonal latte at 'not just coffee' | 7th street market uptown
i feel like their service and the lattes are always just the best
and kisses from momma at a brewery in asheville this past tuesday 
we went up to the mountains for the day 
i didn't grow up around mountains... but they have my heart. 

parks' outfit was sent to us from izzy and isla 
the cutest dapper onesies ever
thank you so much, shannon
we love it
{more on the details soon but too excited not to share her shop) 
how do you like to decorate your home for the holidays? 


  1. Your decorations look beautiful, and your baby is adorable! I don't typically do a lot of decorating myself but this year I put up some of my personal Christmas decorations: a Tinker Bell stocking and ball ornament, a few ornaments my mom has given me the past few years as well as some from my childhood, a cat that sings Jingle Bells in "meows" lol, and a Candy Cane striped TY mini beanie baby. There might be some other things too but those are the main ones.

    1. So sweet of you! Thank you so much... and yours all sound so cute. Happy Holidays- enjoy. Your words mean so much to me. xo

  2. Your decor is absolutely beautiful and can put someone in the Christmas spirit by just looking at the photos! LOVE LOVE IT. Being in my college for the holidays is a bit tough but I still had to make it feel like home, the most that I could. P.S. the little one just makes this post so much better <3

    1. awe, so sweet!! thank you so much and hope it's a wonderful one. i am so glad you enjoyed the photos and wishing you the best one yet. xo

  3. I love all of your sweet details! We have our tree up but so much of our house is still in moving-in mode. I can't wait to decorate next year.

  4. I am in love with your decor. It's all so sweet and vintage. The deer in the glass ornament is so pretty. Parks sure does look handsome in his little outfit! What a sweet little gentleman. I hope y'all are having a wonderful Christmas season.

  5. Such a wonderful and cozy set up! I spy tons of target steals! FAVS!!!