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merry christmas wishes

i have tried this year, more than ever, to pause. to pause and celebrate slow living through the seasons. i have been trying to surround myself with people and things that echo the beauty of mother nature's pace. 
this year was a difficult one for the world, wasn't it? i have found myself lately feeling quite guilty because this year has been so special for us (welcoming parks and starting our family) while, at the same time, i can't stop thinking of the global sufferings affecting families and cultures across the world, loved ones who have lost a piece of their heart through the passing of a spouse, parent, child, etc. and the many local shelters filled with the hungry and the cold. this time of year seems to be when we yearn for peace more than ever. it always fills my heart with so much compassion, the month of december. i love the joy that the season usually brings ... people are usually friendlier, more generous, and more caring towards others. but i also know that so many innocent people are suffering. and so enter the guilt. do you ever feel this way? 

the light of a newborn King born in a humble stable reminds me that light in our often dark world is a simple hope. as a new mother, i keep thinking about how i want to raise my children; the possible lessons i want to pass on. i want them to always seek joy, to see good, and most of all, to be kind. i want to teach them within the walls of our home to practice compassion, understanding, empathy, and a deep love for one another. and that there are ways to be the light in this world. 

this christmas i am wishing you all light in this often dark world. 
i hope it's always there, somewhere in your heart. 
parks got a big boy haircut on thursday at kid kuts in oakley | cincinnati ... i ran over to the post office and his uncle alex set up his first 'real cut.' they were so wonderful there. 
ready for some christmas cocktails and food with loved ones
i had coffee at my aunt and uncle's this morning and this photo was presented
'vintage nelle' loved real christmas trees early in life
we always went to a farm, about an hour away, with my aunt and uncle every year 
this was before my brother and their two kids, now 24 and 20 years old 
such a great stay in cincy this past week ... we went to over ten places (not including the mall) with my brother on thursday. he was such a patient uncle and we made lots of memories ... we acted silly and enjoyed shopping together. my sister and brother-in-law's house is so beautiful and cozy. such a wonderful stay and how incredible is my sister's homemade wreath? 
off to mimi and grandpa's house yesterday morning
parks has been the best traveler... only about ten minutes of crying over a ten hour traveling span
so proud of him.
merry christmas to you and your family

what are your plans? 
... i would love to hear... 

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