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meeting santa + holiday link love

i had been telling myself... 'i would be SO surprised if parks cries when he meets santa!!' ... 
we took parks to the daniel stowe botanical garden, right outside of charlotte in belmont, north carolina. we arrived a little before 4pm... only to find out that there was an event that was pretty costly and was more directed towards older kids. (major rookie parenting mistake) so we got back in the car and took parks to the toy store for a few hours and headed back. by this time, he was beyond tired and currently has two stubborn teeth coming in... so we got this. totally not like him (at all- he never cries) but my poor baby... maybe he scared him? the santa was super sweet and authentic... but he just wasn't having it at all. however, the event and gardens were stunning- so amazing. we enjoyed live music, a stroll through the lit up gardens with a craft beer for him and a red wine for her, food trucks, and lots of friendly people. 
link love for you this holiday week: 

these magic bars
+ i have been loving this holiday mix
+ this beautiful calendar
+ 26 diy gifts to make (lots of pom pom love) 
+ these paintings are incredible  
stop in tomorrow to see our christmas cards this year 

also, wish us luck as we drive to cincinnati today for a few days to see my sister and her husband
they live in hyde park... i absolutely love it there. 
any fun, festive things you love to do around there? 
my brother flew in yesterday from dayton to help drive parks and i back today - so sweet. 
mr. monaco will be joining us late friday evening in my hometown 

have a wonderful wednesday

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  1. SAME. I just knew Jack was going to be so chill and laid back but absolutely not! The pictures are still so cute, though!