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life lately

life has been busy, fun, crazy, exciting and so many other things lately. we have been truly enjoying the meshing of these seasons - autumn into winter, dewey nights into dark mornings, pumpkins into pine. it's amazing how routine slowly begins to really bloom inside the home with each shift; each season. some people get the 'winter blues,' but for me, i strive during these months. much more than i do during summer. as a night owl and a lover of chilly weather, i always feel more at peace during the cooler months of the year. i love the layers, the quiet intents, playing our record player, and taking in the twinkling lights. everything slows down and there's nowhere to be except for at home. (which is why i really loved having a winter baby... soaking up the sweaters, candles, and blankets with a snuggly babe on my chest) although, i truly believe i am one to welcome a sweet baby during any month of the year. 

in no particular order, i look into life lately:
parks' first thanksgiving 
we celebrated with mr. monaco's family near charlotte and enjoyed lots of great food, drinks, and a baby boy in a tie 
i have been looking up inspirations for my new small business, the clothing line lularoe
how cute is this lola skirt under an amelia dress on @lularoericahensel 
loving my new vintage christmas pieces from @ashleyanonymous
my sister, jess, and brother-in-law, bassey, visited us from cincinnati this past weekend
we enjoyed a trip to a brewery + christmas market, a delicious dinner at kindred in davidson (a favorite + more soon) ...  they thought it was my birthday and brought out a cake! so december 2 will now be a funny second birthday... they all sang and i blew out the candle. it was a good laugh we also did tacos and jalapeno margs ... which all helped me forget the fact that my foot was itching like it never has before... all due to a mound of fire ants attacking it thursday afternoon. friends- that experience is no joke. i will spare you the details but we found that ice, lotion, benedryl and a baking soda paste helped (a little). after almost two days straight of itching, things got better saturday afternoon with some relief. hopefully this never happens again... but any remedies?
how pretty was my mother-in-law's table on thanksgiving day?
my nephew, chase, is the cutest with parks
and always has been 
even when he was in my belly
right after this, they held hands.
trying to savor these days... the last days of parks before he turns one next month, the holidays, and lots of pop-ups and new friendships... i have been doing four to five a week, but am absolutely loving this business. honestly, it's been just what i needed... i really feel like something was missing. this has allowed me to be a mom but use my creative side to help woman get clothes that they feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in. yay! 

hope your weekend went well
what have you been up to lately?