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snapshots of life lately

"when you go through deep waters
i will be with you."
- isaiah 43:2
i missed you all last week 
it was one of the more emotional and hard weeks i have ever had
(no one's health is involved, but it's been hard) 
if you could all say a little prayer for my little family, we would appreciate it. 
i feel like i have so much to share with you all
and i am just trying to remember that when you can't control what's happening around you, 
to control how you respond- because that's where the power really is. 
how do you cope with stress?
we are loving these little toys from sarah & bendrix 
how cute are they? anything knitted and wooden for little kids gets me.every.time.
i threw a baby sprinkle in our home for a dear friend and her soon-to-be baby girl 
she is due in january and has a little boy- so we showered her with all things pink. 
tiny dancer
i hope to share all of the details on here soon
my mom was here last week 
which really helped 
parks turned ten months old and experienced his first haircut as well 
his little personality brightens any sad or bad day 
he loves to do 'so big,' give kisses (with a super open mouth!), wave, clap, sing, and chats up a storm now! he loves books, trucks, and stuffed animals.  and i love him so much. 
i have also been super busy with my new business
it's going so well and i am so grateful 
i honestly work just as much, if not more, than i did when i was teaching school
but feel like it's just been a blessing for our family. 
so i am willing to put in the long days and extremely late nights
seeing women's eyes light up when they try on the clothes; seeing them feel beautiful, makes it all worth it and i am really loving the experience. 
my christmas leggings came and will launch on black friday- just in time for the christmas season! 
here is my page if you are interested | lularoe janelle monaco
this weekend we watched football and celebrated thanksgiving with friends 

what about you? 
what have you been up to lately?

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  1. Love your beautiful photos! I'm sorry that you have been going through a rough time.. you will be in my prayers. The baby shower you hosted looks so gorgeous! I'm sure your friend truly appreciated it.