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parks james | ten months

and just like that, my baby boy is ten months old! parks turned ten months on the fifteenth of november and it's very surreal. he is changing every day and is learning new things quicker than ever. he loves to talk, sing when i sing (i am not a good singer!) but we sing a lot. and has the best laugh. overall, we are in 'awe' of his sweet demeanor. he is very snuggly when he is tired, which is when he wants his mom most. he loves to hug, give kisses, hold hands to walk, and often puts his head on my shoulder. 
last april... it's all gone by so quickly
i know, bud... momma is sad about it. but loves you more than ever. 
hey, i heard you were a wild one. 
things i want to remember:

+ your first halloween! you loved trick or treating in the ergo baby, our little wolf
+ the first time you started saying, 'wow, wow, wow' (november 2 in your high chair!) 
+ watching you brush your cute little baby teeth
+ how excited and yet peaceful you are during your baths
+ walking in and seeing you sitting up in your crib... and then a few weeks later, standing up!
+ how fast you are when you are crawling... you love it.
+ discovering new foods and watching your little 'pinchers' at work
+ the way you rock your reindeer winter hat
+ your sense of humor... you laugh a lot. 
+ how much you love your jellycats animals (favorites: dino, bunny, elephant, and pig) 
+ you LOVE trucks! and colorful books
+ how you suck your middle finger... and then slip over to the right ring finger- the one you love most
+ your first trip to indian food! you loved the naan
+ how much you love car rides
+ rocking you as you put your head on my shoulder

he wasn't feeling the bowtie on a tuesday 
that dinosaur is his favorite thing, especially when he is sleepy
words: mama, dada, wow!!!, baba (and i swore i heard him say, 'anta' after i said, 'santa' the other day!) yay

favorite activities: eating, seriously this kid is happiest with a mouth full of food. (especially bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter toast) dropping and chasing balls, clapping, doing 'so big,' stroller rides, swinging, dancing in the kitchen with momma, crawling, playing peek-a-boo, and taking baths.  
"something tells me i'm going to love him forever' 

only one more milestone month before one. 
and i am going to soak it all up
as he experiences his first christmas season 
one to remember 

we love you so much, parks james 
you are the smile that lights up the room and we can't wait to watch you grow 

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