currently | november edition | olive june

currently | november edition

discovering | that God has a plan and that it's important to be patient and to pray... always. that sometimes things happen that we don't understand... and that life is full of both good times and bad. the importance of remembering to stay positive is at an all-time high around here. i am trying to surrender my anxieties over to Him and am trying to dance every chance i get; remembering that life is so precious. thank you for the kinds words lately and please continue to keep my little family in your thoughts and prayers. thank you. 

celebrating | lots of bitty babes! i am hosting a small sprinkle here next weekend and there are soon-to-be several new babies coming into the world within our group of friends. so beyond excited to meet each one of them... they all have extraordinary parents; people i am proud to call my 'friends' and my 'carolina family.' 

starting | to christmas shop! we went to (finally) buy pumpkins this morning and the christmas trees were being put up! so ironic in that parks and i picked up our first christmas present today. i would like to note that there is something special about shopping in december (when it's really the most magical season) but i am trying to spread it out a little bit this year... so i can enjoy time with parks as he experiences his first holiday season this year. confession: as i walked past the christmas section at target yesterday, my heart skipped a beat. it was so happy. 

wearing | all the comfortable and cute lularoe clothes in my life! i opened my small shop a month ago this saturday and it has been simply incredible so far. so much. i feel like this was all meant to be... looking back, i feel like so many things from the past have led up to this journey and i am enjoying this process/along with my time with parks so much. this month has been hectic and yet very special; as i continue to learn new things, see people's eyes light up as they try on something that makes them feel beautiful, and am getting a daily balance put into place. i am hoping to share style tips and pattern love soon but am hosting an online pop-up on my vip page tomorrow night if you are interested... always here if you need anything. my business page | here

googling | we are going to have our first family weekend in a very long time this upcoming weekend... we love breweries and parks around our city, but i have been looking for new places around the charlotte area (that are festive for fall) to explore this weekend. any recommendations? 

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what are you currently discovering, celebrating, starting, wearing and googling?
october was one of the busiest, most stressful, and yet most memorable months of my life
welcome, november 

wishing you a great month ahead, sweet friends


  1. i legit want to get some lularoe leggings, seriously.

    1. Let's chat girl!! Would love to collaborate if you are interested :) They are amazing. I think you will love. Hope you're well

  2. Still praying for you and your family, my friend.

    1. thank you!! we need prayers right now. and I have been thinking about you all and your sweet grandma!! hugs - xo

  3. I love your new blog design!! I've been following your blog since you were pregnant with Parks, but clearly I need to be a better blog reader because I totally missed this. So hard to trust God's plans (especially when we can't see the end of the situation yet!).

    1. awe, hi julia!! thank you SO much <3 means the world to me and welcome back! thank you for following my journey... it means so much to me. so glad you are enjoying it- i worked with a couple in munich this past August (on etsy- MunichParis designs and LOVED them- so much) hope you have a great weekend and thank you again for the sweet message.

    2. Julie!! sorry for the typo... and the designer who did my blog... her name is Julie!