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boo! happy halloween to you. i hope it was wonderful. i can't even tell you how much fun i had with parks and some friends last night. sadly, mr. monaco had some things going on with work and could not attend (we missed him lots) but was thankful to be able to walk around my favorite neighborhood in our city (elizabeth) with really good friends + parks. 
my maiden name was 'wolf'
so we thought ... let's make baby parks a little wolf
since he is 'part wolf' 
he looked so cute and was so soft! 
people loved his little costume
i was little red riding hood and carried him in our ergobaby 
evan, the cutest skeleton
this house was incredible - i simply loved their decorations

it was so fun to watch these two 
(they are both 3.5) 
run around and get lots of candy
they had a blast
there is a traditional 'pumpkin wall' in this neighborhood every year
(you might have seen the whole wall on my instagram story!) 
love them to pieces!! 
parks was the best babe during trick or treating
 i think he loved looking out at the festivities
i met a really nice man, who lives in cincinnati with his wife
he was probably in his seventies and was visiting his brother's family
because they don't have any kids, they travel to charlotte every year to experience the joy of kids trick or treating with their extended family. i really enjoyed meeting him. it made my realize just how special it is to see little kids' excitement as they run from house to house. at that point, i decided to put my phone away and really took it all in.
the pumpkin wall 
i carried this little basket for his five pieces of candy he got :) 
this girl was dedicated! this was our first stop... because her apartment door is always locked, she had a bucket for the kids that she pulled up and down. adorable and so sweet
my sleepy wolf cub
'vintage nelle' at sixteen months old
a kitty cat - still my favorite animal
(that and a bird) 

i hope you all had a great holiday yesterday
i have loved all of the photos on social media
they all made me smile. 

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  1. Awh it looks like you guys had the sweetest time! he is so precious.

    1. thank you!! it was lots of fun... minus not having my hubby with us! he was busy with work - hope you enjoyed

  2. This is all so adorable! I love these photos <3