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a gilmore girls giveaway | where you lead...

i will follow.
it's here! the netflix orginial series of gilmore girls (top three shows of all time for this girl- along with parenthood and sex and the city).  in honor of the launch today and tomorrow being 'shop small saturday,' i partnered with a few other bloggers to give you all the ultimate 'gilmore girls gift bundle' ... perfect for a fun night with friends, especially around the holidays. we are so thankful for you all and wanted to offer our readers a very special treat. (hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!)
i first watched (binged) gilmore girls when i was student teaching in germany, exactly ten years ago this fall. with no car, no tv, no smartphone (very thankful for this!), i would watch episode after episode on my laptop in bed, often late at night, tucked up in our attic apartment on an army base thousands of miles from home. i found myself teaching independently for the first time (it's crazy to look back to when teaching in front of a room full of kids was new and pretty scary!), working out, grading countless papers, lesson planning, and traveling almost every weekend. i was young, a little homesick, pretty dependent on other people, totally missing my boyfriend at the time, and was yearning every single day for christmas time with my family and friends... i was emotionally and physically exhausted. however, if i could go back, i would totally soak up the opportunity. my strong belief for simply 'living in the moment' was sadly, not yet completely instilled. i enjoyed my time abroad so much, yet often struggled at the same time. 

honestly, watching 'gilmore girls' seemed to help me feel less anxious and less worried, it really brightened those often hard days, far from home. it sounds pretty cliche, pretty cheesy... but it really was true. 'gilmore girls' taught me some things at the time... but so much more as the years went on. watching this show taught me to make sure you give your heart to the right person, to always follow your passion, life doesn't always work out the way you planned (and that's okay!), to always have a positive outlook, that we never know the impact we will have on someone, sometimes the best cure for a breakup is a good wallow, dreams take time, and most importantly at the time, that home is where the heart is. growing up in a very small town, much like stars hollow, i could relate to so much. news travels fast, people are always there for you, and little events and gestures mean a lot to others. 
looking back now, i also feel like this show inspired me to try and be the best mom possible. i am always learning from the relationship between lorelei and rory and their close, quirky relationship. still today, i am just fascinated by it. i have been re-watching episodes lately and every single one, makes me smile. i love, love their relationship.

things i have taken away regarding motherhood:

+  always be open, communicate a lot, and be honest with one another - with lots of positive energy! 
+  i hope to allow my kids to show their own style and i hope to embrace it - knowing that it's okay if we are different. in fact, it's probably a really good thing; the importance of embracing eccentricities 
+  coffee + poptarts can cure anything (and a good pizza delivery!) 
+  be true to who you are. always 
+  i hope to spend time doing things together, knowing that experiences make the best memories. whether it's mani/pedis, movie nights (with lots of fun junk food), picnics, shopping, diner and coffee dates or football games, arcades, bike rides, fishing, and jumping in mud puddles (or a combo!) 
+  i hope they know that they can always come talk to me and i hope to be calm and open (or at least most of the time) 
+ i want to act silly together and hope to have a sense of humor, not letting little things bring me down
+ snow is magical - go play in it together! 
+ i often feel like if you suffocate your kids, they will pull back (like lorelei experienced as a teen). relationships between moms and their children aren't perfect... and that's okay. they are often tricky and complex, but where would we be without mom! to quote my own mom, 'just do your best.' ... she always said, 'if you do your best, that's good enough for me.' so that's what i hope to do... in honor of my own mom (and i have an exceptional one) 
+ most importantly, don't take life too seriously!
my first thanksgiving as a mom
so thankful for you, baby boy
(i told you his ring finger is his favorite and this lularoe floral carly dress was perfect- so comfy!)
i am so thankful for all of these sweet bloggers, they have also inspired me so much over the years.
a 'gilmore girls' gift bundle to one lucky reader: 

+ Twine and Cotton Market 'Stars Hollow' Candle (etsy shop)
+ Snowman and Star Ornament
+ $20 Shop Credit to LulaRoe | Janelle Monaco 
+ Rose Gold Clutch
+ Mini Brush Trees
+ Milk glass Coffee Creamer + Sugar Set 
+ "Hot Stuff' Coffee Mug
+ Art Prints 
+ Darling Magazine 
+ Rose Gold Necklace (shop link
+ Darling Nightingale Knitted Donut (etsy shop
+ Poptarts - of course! 
+ Notebook 
that candle smells SO good and was inspired by the show, twine and cotton market's 'stars hollow' apothecary soy candle with a wood wick (perfect to burn while watching!) 

favorite quotes: 

+ "we're almost there and nowhere near it. all that matters is we're going."
+ " i love you a thousand yellow daisies" 
+ "this thing we are doing here, you, me. i'm in. i am all in." - luke danes
+  "gnome kicking says a lot about a man's character." - babette dell
+ "people can live a hundred years without really living for a minute." 
sometimes we go through difficult times and sometimes we don't realize the impact something like a tv show can have on us until much later on in life. the characters brought out a confidence in myself years down the road, convincing me that it's completely necessary to live up to my full potential. rory taught me to be focused, that my ambition comes first. lorelei taught me that it's okay to let yourself be sad every once in awhile. lane taught me to never apologize for who i am. emily taught me to love and to love entirely. ten years ago i wasn't entirely sure who i was... but events, people, and experiences all helped shape my identity today. i truly believe that we all do our best to shape our identities in a way that brings out the best in us. these characters taught me this... and so much more.

no matter what comes into your life, stand up on your own. 
be proud of who you are. 
(just don't get hit by a deer)
are you a fan? 

what did you love most?

giveaway dates: november 25 (midnight) to december 3 (midnight) 
*you must be 18 years or older and a u.s or canadian resident to enter* 

let me know if you have any questions and i hope you enjoy watching if you do
with lots of fun snacks, comfy clothes, people you love... and a cup of coffee (or course!) 
(maybe in this cute 'hot stuff' mug!)


  1. I've been sneaking and watching the new Netflix Gilmore Girls are day at work!

    1. so fun!! I can't wait to watch it and enjoy, jessica!! have a wonderful weekend

  2. I love the milk glass, and the quotes, and Gilmore Girls.

    1. thank you!! some of my favorite things as well! have a great day and weekend, Jennifer!

  3. You have such a wonderful list of mom-lessons from Gilmore Girls---I am so inspired! I love the show, too...though I watched it late at night with my babysitter instead of in Germany ;) haha. What a great giveaway!!

  4. haha well that is just as good- gilmore girls anyway is awesome! you are so sweet, julie!! have a wonderful day