parks james | nine months | olive june

parks james | nine months

i am about eleven days late, but happy nine months, sweet baby boy. 
this month was our busiest yet - as i launched my new business adventure
but it's been an absolute blessing so far. 
parks loves to help me ... only 'playing' with the clothes still in the packaging and lots of trips to the post office. he plays while i take photos and we take breaks to dance, sing, and read books. 
things i want to remember |

+ how you love to clap your hands and wave 'hi' and 'bye'
+ you think 'peek a boo' is the ultimate game of hilarity and play it all the time
+ how we dance in the kitchen every day. i always think about your wedding someday and how that dance will probably be one of the most special times of my life. (i am going to bawl my eyes out) that's a fact. i cried so hard during the mother/son dance last weekend. 
+ your cute little army crawl - you are super fast. 
+ how excited you get when you get something you want - you still have my perseverance!! 
+ how you look at me - still so sweet. i can see the love in your eyes and i hope you can in mine.
+ rocking you ... as you gently collapse and fall asleep on my chest
+ how you love books 
+ how you scrunch up your nose when you smile 
+ your baby toes - my very favorite.
+ bath time + music jams  
+ our trip to ohio to visit family and your first minster oktoberfest (your mom's childhood favorite). we also had such a special visit with your aunt and uncle in cincinnati. 
+ introducing you to the beautiful north carolina mountains with daddy's family 
this happy little baby is turning into quite the little momma's boy and quite the charmer
he usually takes one-three naps a day and sleeps about twelve hours a night
he is still just the happiest little camper after he wakes up! 
i love walking in and seeing him (now sitting up) in his crib with the most excited giggles
this photo above represents you
you are on the move!! and you are into everything. everything.
i would not trade this though- you are so fun right now.

i gave you five seconds for photos... now i am off.

somehow i am still pumping. nine months strong. i am a 'fed is best' advocate 
and prayed and have taken this one month at a time. pretty proud of this though- it hasn't been easy. parks has six teeth and is working on #7 and #8. 

some of the other foods he eats and enjoys: 

+ meats/fish
+ cheese
+ lots of berries
+ avocados
+ yogurt (his favorite)
+ sweet potatoes (also loves)
+ eggs
no more photos, momma 
(his favorite word to say! yay) 
he was a champ at his nine months check-up
healthy as can be - the most important thing in life. 
i love, love, love our doctor!
if you live in the charlotte area and need a great one, email me and i will give you the info!
so wonderful

speaking of wonderful, stop in tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway for the littles in your life!
thank you for following our journey
it's been the best thing 

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