olive june: October 2016

cute baby gifts + a $50 giveaway

i am so excited about this fun giveaway, sponsored by IncrediBundles.com. if you have a baby or know someone who is expecting, you need to check out this adorable site and enter the giveaway below. so many great products and the perfect way to send a baby gift. i am in love. 

IncrediBundles.com, the home of extraordinary baby gifts, has re-designed the way to shop for cute baby gift baskets. the site is easy to use and allows you to create your own (or pick one of their already made gifts) to send to a loved one. the gifts are both practical and stylish. the gift baskets come in a unique and sturdy reusable storage container (we have loved storing parks' books/toys in it!) 
like i mentioned, you can pick a bundle or you can choose individual gifts and create your own bundle. from bath bundles to diapers to books, you can choose a gift that fits the family and your price point. personally, i loved creating my own bundle for parks. however, the ones they have already constructed are seriously amazing... there are so many great choices available and it's very user-friendly. 
i picked this hape clown stacker, the mini orchestra set, and the book, the day the crayons quit. the gift came in the most lovely package and was extremely colorful. my first impression was that the products were all very high quality. plus, it was such an easy process... perfect for a busy mom trying to shower a family member or a friend with some baby love. 
create your own bundle is a fantastic way to provide a personalized gift bundle 
you can pick from a variety of books, toys, diapers, bath products, sleep, organics, sesame street, packaging, and even gift cards. there are a lot of melissa & doug items available as well... one of my very favorite brands. how cute is this melissa & doug vehicle set?

parks james | nine months

i am about eleven days late, but happy nine months, sweet baby boy. 
this month was our busiest yet - as i launched my new business adventure
but it's been an absolute blessing so far. 
parks loves to help me ... only 'playing' with the clothes still in the packaging and lots of trips to the post office. he plays while i take photos and we take breaks to dance, sing, and read books. 
things i want to remember |

+ how you love to clap your hands and wave 'hi' and 'bye'
+ you think 'peek a boo' is the ultimate game of hilarity and play it all the time
+ how we dance in the kitchen every day. i always think about your wedding someday and how that dance will probably be one of the most special times of my life. (i am going to bawl my eyes out) that's a fact. i cried so hard during the mother/son dance last weekend. 
+ your cute little army crawl - you are super fast. 
+ how excited you get when you get something you want - you still have my perseverance!! 
+ how you look at me - still so sweet. i can see the love in your eyes and i hope you can in mine.
+ rocking you ... as you gently collapse and fall asleep on my chest
+ how you love books 
+ how you scrunch up your nose when you smile 
+ your baby toes - my very favorite.
+ bath time + music jams  
+ our trip to ohio to visit family and your first minster oktoberfest (your mom's childhood favorite). we also had such a special visit with your aunt and uncle in cincinnati. 
+ introducing you to the beautiful north carolina mountains with daddy's family 
this happy little baby is turning into quite the little momma's boy and quite the charmer
he usually takes one-three naps a day and sleeps about twelve hours a night
he is still just the happiest little camper after he wakes up! 
i love walking in and seeing him (now sitting up) in his crib with the most excited giggles
this photo above represents you
you are on the move!! and you are into everything. everything.
i would not trade this though- you are so fun right now.

simply loving lately

to say life has been stressful lately is an understatement. it's been very difficult lately... but i have hope that things will turn around soon. i am trying to stay positive and am trying to focus on the most important things in life; to not let little things bring me down. (although some of these things are big- sadly.) trying to remember to savor each and every day and to remember that God has a plan for each one of us. a really precious plan. one thing i know- i have been blessed with one wonderful husband and support system. if you have a moment to say a little prayer, i would greatly appreciate it. 
as i try to focus on the good things in life, here are some things that i have recently been adoring:

this fall home tour | garvin and co. 
an apple crisp recipe | hill collection 
your body wants more of these anti-inflammatory foods | fitness magazine 
seven simply stunning pumpkin ideas | better homes and garden 
these bowties | mill city fineries 

any advice for dealing with stress? 
what works best for you?

favorite fall decorations

hope your day is going well and your weekend was wonderful. today, i am sharing some of my favorite fall items for this month and next. i am continually loving florals, white pumpkins, pastel pumpkins and the color mustard. what about you? what are you currently loving this season?
spooky - in a really good way.
gold + metallic + white are my favorites 
only $20.99 
this table setting is gorgeous, right?
lastly, go check out these two small business owners that i simply love

both of these cute moms + #girlbosses make the cutest things for fall
i mean nothing gets better than a candle and a knitted item on a cozy evening
(other than maybe takeout pizza, red wine, and hocus pocus/pumpkin carving!)
plus, twine and cotton now has holiday scents available for december- yay!!

in case you missed it | my diy fall wreath 

mood board | october edition

i am pretty sure you all know how much i love a fun mood board by now... here is the one i created for the month of october, my second favorite month of the year. december is my most favorite of all... give me glitter + vintage christmas decor (and music, and cookies, and magic!) but i love this month. hope yours is going well and hope you enjoy my inspirations.

what about you? 
what months are your top two? 
...and what do you love most on my board...

and a very 'happy birthday' to my dear friend anna
who supports everything in my life
with her whole heart
(including reading this blog almost every day!)
she's more like a sister to me
and her laugh brightens my soul
enjoy your special day, love
you are one of my favorite people in life
and i am so thankful for you.

a grateful heart | a mountain weekend

we went away this weekend to the mountains of north carolina | right outside of boone and blowing rock. it was relaxing, beautiful, and much needed. after launching my new business and putting in twelve-fourteen hour days, this was just what i needed. i have so, so much i want to share with you all soon but today i thought i would share some things from the heart + a few weekend snapshots. 
a grateful heart 

+ the friendly people up in the mountains of north carolina (this state is breathtakingly beautiful)
+ the gorgeous colors of fall
+ the crackling of a warm fireplace 
+ persian rugs 
+ new belgium pumpkick brews (my favorite of the season i think)
+ football saturdays... and sitting next to a wisconsin badger, my brother-in-law, on saturday night (i had fun chatting and watching together) what a game!!!
+ all of the cute things that kids say 
+ road trips with my little family
+ lately, i feel like i have been wrapped up in the wings and grace of the holy spirit - and that is the best feeling. i am so thankful for so much love, support, and answered prayers lately.
+ pumpkin donuts + warm biscuits 
+ walks with baby boy 
+ forever friends 
+ light gray nail polish 
+ celebrating nine months with parks on the 15th (an update coming soon) but life has never been sweeter
our view 
this outfit!! 
the cabin was just incredible

dear seventeen... four words

i recently saw this idea and wanted to ask my lovely readers. 

i found it so powerful. 

if you could tell your seventeen year old self four words, what would they be? 

i plan to share your answers + mine soon
(message me if you want it to be anonymous!) 
wishing you a lovely weekend
i have a friend who is traveling almost two hours to help me today with my business + a pop-up shop tomorrow for our fundraiser. she offered- to come help, not me. i mean, how lucky am i? and how sweet is she? she's a childhood friend and has been with me every step of the way- always so loving.
ps: charlotte friends- check this out and come support breast cancer research
let me know if you have any questions

it's here! the shop is opening soon

hi! i miss you all and hope your week is going well. it's been a week since i launched my new business to the world and i have been overwhelmed- in a good way. so much love and support from the people in my life. i plan to be back on here regularly very soon but the travels (loved spending time with my people) and the start of this business (and baby parks, of course) have taken most of my time this week. all last weekend at our hometown oktoberfest, i heard constant sweet comments and well wishes. it really meant so much to me- more than most people will ever realize. parks and i drove back to charlotte on tuesday and picked up my initial inventory yesterday morning. we then spent about eleven hours unpacking, labeling, organizing and hanging some super cute clothes. they are all so soft and offer so many possibilities. one of the many things i adore about lularoe. reflecting today... i am thankful for such genuine people in my life and most of all, for this chance to be able to be with parks- my little assistant. do i not have the cutest helper and stylist? 

join me next tuesday, october 11 at 7:30pm est online as i launch my shop! 
(all who join by sunday, october 16, will have the chance to win $100 lulacash!)  
how adorable are these prints? 

florals, birds, stripes, polka dots, solids, aztec and more!

always here if you have any questions? 
lastly, fawn + linen will have style ideas coming soon