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ten tips for beachin' with a baby

we enjoyed a few beach trips this summer and i learned a few things that i thought i would share, especially for those of you that are heading to the beach this upcoming labor day to bid farewell to summer.  i am by no means an expert at this... especially when it comes to babies that move. we all know that that brings a whole new element. our june beach trip to the isle of the palms (a guide) went so well. i jumped in with my family and a five month old and i felt like i conquered it. i know that when they want to get up and crawl around and not stay in one place... things get a lot more complicated. with that being said, here are a few tips i learned regarding the little, non-moving babe:

1. make sure you bring something for shade | an umbrella or a tailgate tent work wonderfully! parks loved to nap on a blanket under the tent in june. he snoozed for hours to the sound of the waves while i read and hung out with my family. he was more interactive in july and tended to get distracted by his cute cousins... so the naps at the beach didn't happen as much or as often. 
2. make sure they stay hydrated | the hot weather causes them to get dehydrated easier. that goes for you as well! i usually packed a bottle and a frozen bag of milk in a mini cooler. if you have bigger kids, i love the idea of freezing capri suns to make yummy slushies. just cut open the top!
3. bring something they are comfortable napping on | i loved this round beach blanket from amazon. it was the perfect size and was very comfortable for parks to nap on. he also loved sleeping in his stroller bassinet, especially during our first trip in june. it was so nice to be able to walk him up and down the beach. i also recommend bringing a baby wrap, like the solly baby wrap, which is our favorite. parks usually gets very relaxed when he's worn and usually collapses on my chest. i also carried him to and from the beach in a wrap, which seemed to work fantastically. i mean, how great is babywearing? 
4. don't forget the basics yet try not to pack too much | i know this is hard but make sure you have the feedings, diapers, towel, a pacifier, hat, an extra set of cloths, and toys. we experimented with both disposable and reusable swim diapers and personally preferred the reusable. try to bring the essentials without bringing the whole kitchen sink. going back and forth to the beach with a baby can be even harder with a really heavy beach tote. less is often more, especially when it comes to the beach. 
5. bring sand-friendly toys | i decided to bring his bath toys and they worked really well! you want to make sure that the toys are capable of getting wet + sandy! it doesn't make sense to invest in a ton of beach toys that they will only use a few times a year when the bath toys work perfectly. most kids love anything they can pour water in and out of ... or in parks' case, anything that can safely go in his mouth. sophie was also a great toy at the beach. that girl was worth every bit of her steep price tag. 
6. sun protection | i researched a lot of options and ended up going with babyganics sunblock. it was sunblock but came in a spray bottle. i feel like it worked perfectly and was very reasonable. our pack also came with toxic-free bug spray; perfect for the carolinas. so happy to report that baby parks left with no sun... my ultimate goal for each trip. we also made sure he had on a rash guard shirt (except when sleeping underneath a tent) and that he almost always had on a hat. i absolutely loved the brand, george hats! these hats went over his ears/head so well and were super durable. we also brought a pair of babiators which were a gift from my sister and he rocked those. these sunglasses are just so cute. 
7. be prepared for feedings | a one piece is perfect for nursing, as well as a cover-up! a damp towel as a cover-up will also allow the baby to stay cooler while he/she feeds. 
8. use a cart for the big things and bring reusable shopping bags | we had a cart to bring the big things and then used reusable shopping bags {esp. the cute ones from tj.maxx and trader joe's) are great for the beach because you don't have to worry about getting them dirty or ruining them. both of these places offer cute and reasonable options. 
9. use baby powder to remove the sand | just rub the powder on their skin and the sand falls right off. 
10. have realistic expectations |  remember that you probably won't spend the entire time sipping on an adult beverage or reading a book while lounging in the sun. try to have as much fun as you can, but remember that you will have a baby who will, more than likely, run the show! however, try to take turns with your spouse and enjoy some relaxation... because you certainly deserve it. 
this towel was sent to us as a gift after parks was born in january
...at a time when you are dreaming about the beach and sweet summertime...
 such a nice gift for a new baby (for any time of the year!) 
so thankful for my in-laws who made this incredible trip happen! 
blueberry cheesecake ice cream - so, so delicious 
swim trunks: i love old navy, gap, and target 
all the heart eyes for this tote from forestbound
not loving life at this moment
try to be patient... sometimes it takes them some time to get acclimated, which i learned quickly 

sometimes he rode and sometimes i wore him to the beach 
my niece's shoe game is on point. 
he loved the pool so much! 
this frog float was perfect and was only $9.99 on amazon
nap time diaries 
anything exciting plans for this upcoming weekend? 

as i mentioned earlier this week, we are off to the mountains + lakes of north carolina 
safe travels and have so much fun
especially if you are off to the beach!! 
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  1. We just had a little boy this summer and can't wait to take him to the beach! But I have to admit, I'm a little nervous thinking about all the stuff we will need to take with us. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. hi joanna!! congrats to you all and you got this!!! you are so welcome and best wishes... hope you enjoy a trip soon!