parks james | eight months | olive june

parks james | eight months

on september 15, this little lovebug turned eight months old! seven months was the fastest one yet. every month gets better and better. i have been soaking up my days with him and am thankful every day for the chance. when i look back on my life, i have a feeling that these may be my most favorites days of all. 
eating | he loves to eat and eats pretty much anything we give him. he gets two-four fruits/veggies a day and somehow i am still pumping. it's been quite the journey but i also know that it's worth it. parks loves grapes, healthy grain bread + butter, avocado, eggs, whole milk yogurt, organic cheese sticks, squash, and a few other things. a friend told me about dr. praeger's spinach cakes, which i want to try soon. in addition, hoping to let him try some of dad's homemade pancakes soon! for a snack, we love happy baby teethers
sleeping | parks also loves to sleep and is 'kind of' on a schedule but is very flexible at the same time. we are very lucky with his sweet and loving demeanor. he usually goes to bed between 7:15-8:30 (see this is what i mean by a 'schedule!') and then wakes up between 6:30-7:45 in the morning. parks takes a morning nap about 1.5 hours after he is up and then sleeps every 2-3 hours after he's awake throughout the day. his naps are usually 1-3 hours long. once he starts sucking his thumb and rubbing his eyes, i put him down. he loves his blanket and bunny + dinosaur jellycats while sleeping. he usually snuggles into them, flips over, and drifts away to sleep. he's honestly pretty easy. we took him out and about a lot at the beginning, which i think has helped with this... well people comment all the time on his flexibility. we make sure he gets his sleep, but also want him to him to be adaptable if possible. (if that makes sense?) just keep it up, buddy!!! note: if we have a baby in the future that requires a strict sleeping schedule, we will totally do it. parks is just totally happy with this... so it works for us right now. 
milestones |
+ he now has four top teeth and two bottom (and is working on more i think!)
+ totally on the move! lots of army crawling (this actually began on september 16/the day after he turned 8 months old at the cabin in tennessee) before that... lots of rolling around rooms. life is going to change real soon. 
+ lots of 'talking' aka babbling
+ eating many more things #pleasebeafoodie 
+ starting to wave and loves to 'high five' 
+ just happier than ever (so many laughs and giggles during the day!) 
+ wearing 6-12 and nine months clothing and size three diapers (grovia hybrids at home) 
things i want to remember |

+ the way you nuzzle into me every time i walk up the stairs with you
+ the way you look up at me 
+ how much you love to swing outside in your lil swinglets swing 
+ wrapping you up and carrying you around (dear beautiful boy- i carried you
+ how excited you get when you get something you want (toys! food! but you really love remotes and water bottles) 
+ your perseverance 
+ our special time with mimi (you love to shop and hang out at resturants with us) 
+ bath time! your favorite ... we play music, sing and play. (love olive & marula shea moisture shampoo!) 
+ your first ohio state gameday - we sang carmen ohio together at the end and watched script ohio at halftime (baby boy- you wear scarlet and gray on saturdays!)
+ the way your little legs sway back and forth in your high chair and in shopping carts
+ mommy + me yoga (you didn't get much further than 'happy baby' pose!) 
+ reading books to you (you love this book!
+ how excited you get when daddy comes home from work 
+ seeing you try new foods
+ our daily walks 
+ how every saturday morning you and your dad go out and about together on your 'guys day out' (your dad loves to wear you in our ergobaby carrier) and you usually come home with a bouquet of baby's breath and a coffee for momma- so sweet.  
+ going into your room every morning to see that sweet little grin, your slightly rosy cheeks, and then how you yawn + stretch while i change your diaper. 
+ your ear to ear smile (it's straight across and i don't know how you do it.) 
we are leaving parks overnight for the first time this weekend
as we travel to asheville for a wedding
i know it's totally healthy to get away with one another but we'll miss him at the same time 
parks will be with my sister-in-law/her family and i know he will be perfect hands
(+ his older cousins just adore him)
the truth is, i have no problem trusting others with him
i just know i will miss him like cRaZy. so much. 
say a little prayer for me. 
parks james 
(a.k.a parksie or boo bear) 
i love you to the moon and starts
moon and stars.


  1. Happy 8 months! Parks sounds like such a sweet boy. I honestly struggle with the whole idea of a "schedule". I know there is comfort in a routine but I also think we do a disservice when we stop everything to accommodate a child's need to only sleep at home. My husband was a pastor's kid and he remembers his siblings learning to sleep wherever during late night services.

    I'm not sure where Phoenix will land. He's pretty adamant about eating every two hours so I have to be careful about where I am when it's feeding time. We're taking him to a wedding this Friday evening which will be the first time he'll be out super late at night. Hopefully, he'll just sleep all wrapped up!

    1. he really is a sweet baby. we like to make sure he gets his sleep but i was raised in a place where kids really went everywhere- this is still the case and i love it when i go back- kids come over and play all night long with others. it's just normal there and when they come to visit us here as well. i remember sleeping in booths/on the floor at my aunt and uncle's house while my parents socialized) we adapted to their schedule and not the other way around. but i also feel like all babies are different and some require more of a schedule. parks used to sleep in his bassinet stroller everywhere we went... i hope phoenix does as well. you are all adorable. the cutest family. hope the wedding is a blast! thanks for the love, girl! xo

  2. These are most definitely my favorite days! And Jack is the same way as far as being flexible, and I totally attribute it to taking him everywhere during the first few months of his life!