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most memorable birthdays

i am a june baby; the pearl and a true cancer. i have always loved having a summer birthday~ perfect for outdoor parties, no school, and many spent at the beach. not much gets better than that. my special day falls on the twenty-fifth of the month, which also makes it exactly six months from christmas day. presents and celebrating every half of a year ... and i love to celebrate my half birthday on jesus' special day. 

6 | my sister and i are just four days shy of being exactly two years apart. i love sharing a birthday with her now, but this wasn't always the case. on my sixth birthday and her fourth birthday, we shared a bert and ernie cake... and i was bert. no one wants to be bert when you can be ernie!!

10 | this was an oh-so-special one. my parents gathered several of my friends and we went to a small amusement park all day. we rode rides (especially the 'log water ride') and made lots of memories. i remember laughing all day long and i am pretty sure we were all rocking neon fanny packs. we came back home (about an hour away) to a cheerleading bear cake, which i was over the moon about, and a brand new purple and pink mountain bike. i loved everything about that day. 

11 | my parents bought me a cat book {#catlady at an early age) and my very own caboodle!! teal and hot pink with a gold name plate. then we went down to cincinnati for ribs at the montgomery inn and cheered on the reds at a baseball game. my grandma was with us and she's just wonderful.  (side note: this was also the night of the o.j simpson bronco chase!)  

16 | my friends picked me up for some small-town cruisin' ... no cell phones then {thank God) and lots of random adventures, usually every weekend. think of the tim mcgraw song, 'down on the farm.' - that was us. i remember i was wearing khaki bib overall shorts and a baseball cap (real cute, right?) when they surprised me with a party in my friend's barn. (again, totally farm kids) we danced and partied all night. i loved it. some kids get parties thrown that cost thousands and thousands of dollars for their sweet sixteen... mine was in a barn- on a farm- while we partied next to tractors.  however, i am totally ok with this. in fact, i prefer this. 

21 | another surprise!! my friends surprised me with a limo ride to grab some mexican food (my favorite) ... followed by a night of dancing in my parent's garage with my friends and friends of my parents. it was simple in so many ways yet so perfect. 

22 | i went boating with my boyfriend at the time and his friends on a lake near my hometown. boating is one of my favorite things to do. we bar hopped on boats and ended up at a 'hole in the wall' bar, like most bars are there. the bar had a small live band that we were all dancing to when all of his friends gathered around and serenaded me to  'she's some kind of wonderful.' the whole day was just very memorable.  

26 | this was the year i re-connected with my spirituality. it was a beyond powerful year. i remember going to coffee, church at noon, enjoyed the pool all afternoon, and then a dinner with lots of friends at a local mexican restaurant. afterwards we went to 'alive after five' in uptown charlotte, followed again by lots of dancing. i remember just smiling all day. (side note: this was sadly, also the day that michael jackson passed away)

30 | my thirtieth birthday was just four days before our wedding day. i arrived at dinner in uptown charlotte to see my sister standing there. she flew in a day early from st. louis to celebrate with me. i remember her saying, "just because you're getting married this week, doesn't mean you don't have a birthday!" we ate paella and enjoyed cocktails. so special. 

32 | i remember this being an extraordinary day because i was carrying a baby for the first time; the one thing i have always wanted in life. i went to my favorite coffee shop, did pre-natal yoga, got a massage, took a nap, and then went to a favorite- kindred restaurant in davidson, north carolina. the service was just the best and the food simply delicious (they gave me complimentary frites and a slice of cake)... as mr. monaco and i talked about our exciting new journey to come. 

33 | i went to dinner the night before with my siblings and parks ... and it was one of my favorite parts of this year so far. it was just an ideal dinner with amazing conversations and one great experience at the obstinate daughter on sullivans island | south carolina. the morning of my birthday, we came back from the beach and instead of going out for a mani/pedi for the wedding we had that night, i decided to sit on the couch while parks slept on my chest. all i wanted this year was to snuggle with my baby. my whole world. 
my very first birthday

i usually love to celebrate my birthday in the simplest ways. although i enjoy it and love the thoughtful messages, i tend to love to do things for others more than i do celebrating my own. sometimes the attention is too much for me. however, being able to celebrate another year is truly a blessing and blowing out a candle and making a wish for the year ahead is always my favorite part. 

what about you? 
...what's your favorite birthday memory or tradition...

on another note, my parents are celebrating thirty-five years of marriage today
i love their love.
what an amazing example of love.
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  1. Okay.
    1 - your blog is absolutely beautiful (found you through the #blogtemberchallenge)
    2 - i LOVED reading about these memories of yours!
    3 - i'm totally with you on preferring low-key celebrations over big bashes
    4 - happy anniversary to your parents!
    5 - can we be friends? ;)

    1. awe, this message meant so much to me. thank you so much. you are so cute and yes, let's be friends!! i LOVE your blog as well and am excited to continue to follow your journey. have a great week and again, your words are too kind. xo

  2. i love that you shared memories from so many memorable birthdays rather than choosing one. How sweet that you got to be celebrated a few days before becoming a bride and that the next year you were carrying your first baby on your big day! so sweet!

    1. :) thank you so much! means so much and it was such a special week. loved sharing it with loved ones and marrying my husband. hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Okay, that is amazing that you remember so much about your past birthdays! It makes me want to sit down and really try to remember mine. And that picture of you on your first birthday is so precious! Having just celebrated my littles 1st birthday, I'm having all sorts of weird thoughts like I can't imagine him turning 30!

    1. haha i have a pretty good memory {my friends call me 'rain man'} lol. now that i am a mom, well #mombrain is for real though. you are so sweet. it really means a lot to me. and that's so true. i can't even imagine. wow. soaking up every bit of these precious days. hope you had a great weekend

  4. What I wonderful birthday post! I just did one on my blog. It's so lovely to reminisce and remember past birthdays. You are right June is a great time to celebrate. Thanks for sharing and I love your blog

    1. hi!! you are so sweet and thank you so much. i am going to check yours out soon- yay!! hope you had a great weekend

  5. Yay for sisters coming and reminding us to celebrate our birthdays! Your birthday at 32 sounds amazing and it makes me excited for the day when we'll start a family :) I'm going to hop on over to your gender reveal party. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    1. :) thank you for your kind words and yes, i loved 32. so, so excited for you all someday. it's the best. i appreciate all of the love and hope you had a great weekend.