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ice cream flavor

today's prompt is to share what ice cream flavor we would be? 

i would pick strawberry cheesecake with sprinkles!

+ the strawberry represents the fact that i try to be sweet to the people around me- being kind to others (always) is very important to me. 
+ the cheesecake chunks throughout represent the fact that i love a good surprise! 
+ the sprinkles (yes, i still order sprinkles!) represent my love for color, creativity, and the importance of always being a 'kid at heart' 

what about you?
what ice cream flavor represents you?
we ventured out for ice cream last week with my mom 
parks wore his new car + truck jammies from the gap
(i also love these cloud jammies!)
and you guessed it... i ordered a strawberry cheesecake + apple cinnamon (to celebrate fall!) cone 
i am participating in the blogtember challenge with bailey jean this month 

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  1. How fun was this post?! I loved how creative everyone's answers were and I love how you told what each part of your ice cream flavor represents. :)