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favorite blog posts + a grateful heart

today's prompt was to share some of our favorite blog posts from the past. 
here are a few i wanted to share with you all today:

a grateful heart:
i took a little break from the challenge the past few days while we traveled to tennessee for a family reunion in the mountains. we rented one large (holds 52 people) and one small cabin (for my aunts and uncles) and am just so thankful for the opportunity to spend time together. i am number seventeen of nineteen cousins on my dad's side and ten years younger than the next cousin closet in age to me so i grew up looking up to all of them. we would travel to different cities to visit many of them (we cover twelve states!) i always loved our visits and times together. my grandpa passed away in february of 2009 at the age of 95 and since, we haven't gathered as much as we used to. it was so fun to be able to hang out with one another and catch up. everyone was so chill/super fun and all but five of my cousins were able to come with their families. there was hiking, antique shopping, cards/games, delicious food, a sundae bar, lots of meaningful chats, pumpkin beers/cocktails (lots of toasts!) and a tennessee volunteer football game on saturday afternoon to cheer on two of my cousins. i walked away with a sense of pride, love, and comfort knowing that i come from such a wonderful family. a family full of loving and (very) funny people. the truth is, i continue to look up to all of them today as hard-working people, who have a strong faith, a great outlook on life, and are extraordinary parents. many are raising/have raised such incredible kids. these kids. wow. i was blown away by all of them. there was no complaining and no crying (even in the heat! and even the little babies! although it would have been completely acceptable for them to cry, of course!) but i sincerely hope parks is half as amazing as my cousins' babies... big shoes to fill. many of them played and helped out so much with him; loving on him all weekend. in fact, he laughed harder than he ever has for hours friday evening... i will never forget the many sounds of happiness radiating from his laughs, giggles, and squeals. it was simply unforgettable. 

here are a few photos from our weekend:
enjoying the porch swing with my parents
loving this lularoe carly dress
go vols! 
she's so sweet. her heart is pure gold
wolf pride - go #80 and #82 (we are so proud of you both!)
sweet stella (from colorado!) and big boy parks were besties 

looking forward to the next family reunion already!!
it was sad to leave but am so grateful for the chance to gather together
my heart feels a little bit happier this morning

i am also linking up with emily of ember grey for her 'grateful heart' series

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  1. Family time is simply amazing!! So glad you all got the opportunity to get together!
    I would love if you headed on over to my blog as well! Hope you have a great week! www.sheridanjohnson.com