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fall favorites + european memories

happy first day of fall! i am welcoming this season with open arms. you know how some people get the 'winter blues?' ... sometimes i feel like i get this way in the summer. i am not a heat person. i would much rather bundle up, put on some boots, and rock the day. today, i am remembering a very special fall; one that occurred exactly one decade ago at this time. i student taught a class of fifth grade american students abroad (about thirty minutes south of frankfurt, germany) on a u.s army base with a program through my university. it was simply unforgettable and one of the best experiences of my life. on the weekends, we traveled by train/a few by air (we slept, drank wine, journaled, and talked) as we traveled to various places. while i lived there, i did not have a car, a regular cell phone, tv, and my computer crashed half way through the semester. social media wasn't big, i don't have that many photos, and i used my computer primarily to email home and binge watch gilmore girls. however, looking back, i am thankful for all of this. as a result, i feel like i was able to take in every moment and experience with more attention and appreciation. i thought i would share the first five words/things that come to mind for each city i was able to explore. 
vienna | an authentic dinner party, my first glimpse of europe, cute buildings, delicious food (duck!), mountain views

switzerland | hiking in the alps, the milk chocolate, quaint villages, a fun sushi dinner, the overall beauty!

munich | biergartens, a bike tour, the sorrows of dachau, the grand marienplatz, celebrating my roots at the oktoberfest ... in addition to spending thanksgiving day at the hofbrahaus with my family (so many memories from that day!) 

luxembourg | an adorable center city, a colorful/cultural united nations school (25 countries are represented/kids are taught in their mother language), salsa/chips + wine outside, beautiful flowers, friendly people 

paris | true love. cafes, turning the corner to see a twinkling eiffel tower, the clothes, a bike /boat ride/gelato tour, a fondue dinner with baby bottles full of wine (they cut the top so it's easier to drink- so hilarious. we could not stop laughing.)  

london | christmas trees being carried throughout, strongbows, fish + chips, adorable markets, writing in cafes, my first starbuck's latte in almost four months (a peppermint mocha for christmas time)

dublin | jolly men dancing in the street right as we walked out of the airport, watching the football (soccer) championship game with locals, lots of guinness, castles, churches 

prague | historic (it felt the 'oldest'), christmas markets, one amazing night out on the town, watching the devil wears prada (we didn't know it when we went in but it was in english- a great surprise- and was our first movie in three months!) a rich culture 

stockholm | staying in a 'boastel' (a boat/hostel), fall leaves, water surrounding the city, cobblestone streets and paths, boats (this was another favorite!) 

amsterdam | red bikes, van gogh, the anne frank house, canals, row homes (i also remember enjoying a delicious breakfast there) 

+ here are some of my favorite pieces for fall 
fall favorites
fall favorites 
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what are your fall favorites?

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i love so, so many 
these are a few of my favorites: rocket | lamb | sock monkey | pig | lobster

oh and the blue crayon !!
mr. monaco was a blue crayon once
and a homemade christmas tree- how cute. 

i am participating in the blogtember challenge with bailey jean this month 

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