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a new blog + a new business

the day is here!!! this is something i have been dreaming about for a very long time. and it's here! the truth is, i have a dream of opening up my own space or business someday; hopefully once my kids are in school full-time. many of you know this. my hopes are that this opportunity gives me the ability to get business experience/knowledge while being able to support my family and do something i feel passionate about- being with my son + sharing my love for cute clothes. i am really looking forward to providing them to other people. last summer, before school was about to begin, i witnessed my first, of many, lularoe parties online and it was love at first sight. i told my husband last fall, 'i want to do this...!' as i watched a stay-at-home mom post the most beautiful pieces and i was so intrigued. and my love has only grown over the last year. i have been following some very inspirational girls on the west coast for about a year now and as summer came to a close, i officially decided to join. yay! the clothes are very comfortable, so cute, and i just love the mission of the company, which is to support your family and always give to others. all consultants have different inventory and the focus is not about getting people to join under you, which i really love, instead, it's about collaborating with one another- not competing.  

i plan to share more on here from time to time, but decided to launch a new space for my journey. i plan to share mom + baby styles on my new blog, fawn + linen. i also plan to collaborate with others and share outfit ideas (not as a professional fashion blogger but more as the 'girl next door' type). i hope you will follow along... and know i am always here to help. my goal is to make women feel confident and beautiful. 

'simply love' will remain my lifestyle blog where i share everyday snapshots, gatherings, writings from the heart, travels, home decor, motherhood, etc. i plan to share more information over the next few days on fawn + linen, along with a few giveaways so please go check it out. i posted an 'inspiration board' for the new space today + information about a giveaway (worth $100!). tomorrow, i plan to share more on fawn + linen about lularoe and why i love it so much. (+ another giveaway!)

my facebook page: lularoe | janelle monaco 
instagram: fawnlinen 
have you heard of lularoe?

...if so, what's your favorite style?...

my favorites are the amelia dress, lucy skirt, sarah duster cardigan, ana dress, and carly dress. 
(of of course, the butter soft leggings!) 

a special 'thank you' and love to these woman who have inspired/help me in the most unbelievable ways already- you are all inspirations to me. 

(go check them out for some cute fall styles!) 
lastly, to my family, friends, and readers:
thank you in advance for any prayers you can send my way 
i am so excited and appreciate any support/love you all send
i will keep you all posted on my initial inventory 
it should be here soon
(i never want my family/friends to feel obligated to buy, but i also want them to know that i am always here. ps: if you live in charlotte, feel free to stop over and shop whenever you wish!) 
i have been blown away by the support already and appreciate it so much
i plan to host both online and at local pop-up shops
and am always here
here's to a new journey 
in this one life.

i am participating in the blogtember challenge with bailey jean this month
(today's prompt was to share five of our blogging besties... so i shared some of my future blog/business besties! ) 


  1. Oh so fun! Good luck and good for you! I love LLR! If you're ever looking to collab, let me know :)

    1. thank you so much! isn't it awesome? i am so glad and I would love to!!! thanks girl. have a great day and chat soon. xo