a glimpse into our master bedroom | olive june

a glimpse into our master bedroom

we built our home throughout the fall of 2014 and moved in just six days before christmas. we wanted our 'starter home' to be near the city {this was the most important part for us}. and we have no regrets. we have a very small backyard (with lots of parks nearby) + a nice sized home for us during this phase of our lives. the best part- it's just five minutes away from uptown charlotte... with wonderful neighbors. i feel like it's perfect for us right now. we love to explore the surrounding neighborhoods and enjoy everything our city has to offer. although i love it and would never complain about our beautiful home, my dream is to raise our kids in an old victorian or colonial home. {i plan to pray and dream and enjoy the one we are in now until the time comes}. old homes have always had a special place in my heart and i would love nothing more than to call one 'home' someday. we also have some plans for our master bedroom ... but for now, i simply love the bright white walls and personal touches. i hope you enjoy the mini tour as well. 
but first, i had a delicious smoothie bowl this morning + fresh florals 
making one always reminds me of my bff and her sweet soul
talk about joy! 
this chandelier is now above our bed 
playing 'peek a boo' with dada last night 
his favorite game at the moment
i picked this gold dipped mirror up where i got the chandelier above 
ottoman from target
a wooden tray in our master bathroom 

message board | letterfolk 
in july, mr. monaco had to go home early from the beach for work
and it happened to be his 35th birthday that week/we wouldn't be there
so while we were packing and loading the car, i hung this up in our room as a 'surprise'
i am excited to put different messages up as the years go on... 
a scene from when parks slept in our room 
my paternal grandparents 
baby boy loves our bed. 

i hope you enjoyed our room as well 

so excited to see a glimpse into people's home + spaces on bailey jean's blogtember challenge


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your space! It is so light and airy and lovely! I love all the natural light. I love your hand mirror. It's gorgeous. P.S. I also have Darling magazine all over the house ;) #thebest

    1. you are so sweet!! i love light and airy <3 and that magazine - LOVE everything about it. thank you for all the love. hope you're day is going well!!

  2. Your master bedroom is gorgeous! I love all the vintage charm!And your adorable baby boy makes it look even sweeter!

    1. your comments make my whole day. thank you so much!! i totally agree- he's the best part. xo

  3. So many unique touches. This is really a sweet space. The message board is so fun.

    1. thank you so much!! so sweet of you and i LOVE that company!

  4. Simply beautiful ;) And I LOVE the updates to your blog, Nelle! So pretty!

    1. means so much to me. thank you!!! i LOVE baby Crew! (seriously that name was in our top five!! love it) hope all is well. xo

  5. ahhh i love that dream of a future home - me too girl, me too!
    and that chandelier! <3 <3 <3
    i'm loving all of the details!
    (and how do you like that book?!)

    1. I am still reading :) like 20 pages in. haha. let's dream away together. and isn't it awesome. i was so excited when i found it for an amazing deal. xo