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a book review | meditate your weight

(i read this book at the beach, which i would also totally recommend- if possible!!) 
i am so excited to introduce a book that has already changed my life for the better. when i first moved to charlotte in the summer of 2007, i had a lot of anxiety and considered going on medication. instead, i started practicing yoga and saw dramatic results. little things did not seem to affect me as much and i felt happier- more at peace with daily tasks and experiences. at the beginning of this year, i wanted to take it a step further after hearing more about the powers of meditation from a few family members. so when i saw this book, i knew i was interested. it did not disappoint. 

what if you could meditate to lose weight? would you do it? for many of us, our lives are jam-packed and often include very hectic days. this book teaches you that stress does not have to control your life. the author, tiffany cruikshank, is a meditation expert and the yoga medicine founder. she did such an incredible job of setting the book up in parts that make it very user friendly- both informational and hands-on. she teaches that a few minutes of meditation per day can help you address the physical, mental, and emotional restraints we often put on ourselves; the things that stand in the way of achieving our best inner and outer health. a few minutes of mindfulness (one of my goals for this year) can also help you achieve the weight you want by giving you a better self-image and instilling healthier eating habits.

i think it's important to note that you can meditate no matter your religion. you can adapt to your own beliefs to make better choices and maximize your metabolism. i am a christian and have found great success with meditation and its stress-relieving techniques. this book provides a very helpful way for how to get started, works through what things are weighing you down, addresses the myths and facts of the practice, and most of all, talks about how to bust through the mental blocks. the second part of the book is a 21-day retreat that focuses on awareness, presence, authenticity, cravings, nourishment, food vs. fuel, vitality, stress, self-limiting beliefs, and radiance, self-esteem, love and so much more. there are daily journal prompts and advice to guide you along the way. this part of the book was done in such a fantastic way- so powerful and eye-opening. lastly, the book ends with an awesome 'meditation tool kit' that focuses on meditating through food and movement. 

overall, the book is easy-to-use and teaches a whole new way to lose weight, relax, and energize

less stress = less belly fat.
more calm + more balance = a healthier you. 

decades of medical research have shown that mediation is a powerful medicine:

+ reduces heart rate and blood pressure
+ reduces pain and hormones
+ reduces depression and anxiety
+ improves immune system function
+ improves memory and focus
+ improves a sense of peaceful calm
+ improves the feeling of connectedness
+ improves sleep   
i truly believe that we are our biggest and harshest critics
what better way to connect with our inner spirit
to slow down, clear our mind, and meet health goals
to learn to be a little kinder on ourself 
and to discover the immense beauty that lives inside 
(because you deserve nothing more)

do you meditate?

disclosure: i received a copy of this book from blogging for books for review purposes. the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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