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simply loving

hope you are having a good tuesday. things have been going well today on our end. tonight will be even better when i get to go to the movies {a theater that serves wine!} with some girlfriends to see the movie, 'bad moms'. we are in a book club together and met up last week at a restaurant in town called dogwood southern table {so delicious! we closed that place down. literally.} to talk mom and baby things. it was absolutely wonderful {and very much needed.} so we are heading back out tonight for a little more girl + mom time. last week {i had not had a night out in charlotte for about two months} so i spent the day tellings parks about my night out, filled with lots of excitement, as he kept shaking his head, 'no.' it was hilarious. it really is all about balance. i love, love my time with parks but want to nourish and savor the important relationships in my life as well. i love these fellow moms in my life. so tonight should be fun! have you seen the movie? thoughts?

+ here are some things i am simply loving:
we have this rug {target} in two rooms and love it.
{this site, enter my attic, is so incredible.}
chunky white/cream sweaters + this cactus necklace from modcloth
taupe bootie for $89.95
are you a fan of any of these?
have a favorite?


  1. I want that rug but should probably find a job first.

    1. haha :) it's so pretty if you do get it. we love it! thank you and hope your week is going well

  2. A theatre that serves wine! How awesome is that. Gee we're missing out up here. The movie will be worth it just for that. I saw it and it was funny - a little raunchy but lots of good mom stuff.

    1. yes! it's amazing haha try to find one :) i actually didn't get to go to the movie due to TWO flat tires at our house. crazy. but hopefully soon!