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parks james | seven months

milestone blanket: batzkids 

happy seven months, baby parks! first let's get the cliches out of the way; i never knew a love could be like this. i love him so much. i just want to squeeze him so hard. all the time. i want him around me all the time, and yet i constantly want just a five minute break. before i had him, i never really understood when people would say, i need to get home to see my kids before they go to sleep.' now i get it. i didn't realize that hanging out with him would become a pleasure, something i crave. 
our trip to ohio went really well last week {more on this trip soon!} it was so nice to be around our loved ones and my mom and brother watched parks a lot during the day... so i took advantage and decided to go on another technology break; as i binged on the olympics, enjoyed my first postpartum massage, along with a mani/pedi {my mom totally spoiled me.} thank you, mom! {speaking of, am i the only one that adores the 'thank you, mom' commercials during the olympics?} so cute, right?

here is a seven month update:
hi, mr. parks 
 milestones |
+ your two front teeth popped through last week 
+ you are rolling over - each way and are moving more and more 
+ you can sit up on your own without falling over {much}
+ you sleep on your side and stomach
+ i think you officially have hazel eyes 
+ still a thumb {and middle finger} sucker 
+ you are eating solids and you love them
+ you are starting to have an opinion on certain things {like when you want the remote, an iphone, sunglasses- all big people things} when you are able to get them {daddy says you have my perseverance!} you get really excited and make the cutest 'pure amazement' face
+ you love car rides and travel like a dream 
+ you continue to sleep through the night. thank you. 
 things i want to remember |

+ bath time is still a favorite
+ when you cuddle up next to me and drift off to sleep- so soundly.
+ how excited you get in your high chair {we have this simple one from ikea and love, love it!} he kicks his legs back and forth. back and forth. 
+ our trip to ohio for a week. it was so nice to be able to spend the week there, especially with my younger brother. i feel like this opportunity might never happen again. we loved taking walks with him, chatting, boutique shopping, and hanging out with uncle alex. he is so good with him- it was precious. i used to take care of him when he was a baby and now he's helping me with my baby.  
+ the way people look at you and say, 'is he always this good?' luckily, yes. yes, he usually is! you are such a good baby. you make me so happy 
+ picking out little outfits for you  
+ the way you accept my awful singing voice {but you love songs!} and books. 
+ the way you look up at me and the way you look at your dad and i when we hug in the kitchen
+ your ear to ear smile {it's super straight and i love it- so much} 
+ i think you are loving your first olympics {go team usa!} 
+ your chubby thighs and cheeks 
+ how excited you get in the swimming pool... you love the water! 
+ your little {very chubby} feet- they are my absolute favorite. 
things i don't want to remember:
+ the sound of you grinding your bottom and top teeth together. wow. it's not good. 
i just love being a mom sooooooo much. 
i love how young and old it makes me feel at the same time
i just love it. 
i celebrated seven months of pumping by treating myself to a starbuck's banana bread and a hazelnut latte. you celebrated with a cute tie, a ride in the cart at target, and being able to hold my iphone for a few seconds! 
you, my little friend, are my favorite small thing in the world 
{your dad is my favorite big thing}


  1. I just adore him and his little chubbiness!

    1. thank you, love! jack is so cute, too! i wish we lived closer :)

  2. He is so cute! Your BTS Insta story of him from the 7 month photoshoot was so adorable! And the teeth grinding...OH it's AWFUL isn't it?! And there's no way to make him stop!

    1. thank you so much! he's a happy boy. the teeth grinding is so hard to listen to... and nope. nothing. haha and i have been totally, totally agreeing with you on wishing summer a sweet goodbye. why do people love it so much? it's pretty awful. the heat part.

  3. It's so neat to see Park's development as J is also at this stage & age. She is also sporting two teeth and rolling always onto her belly any chance she can get which makes changing & dressing her now an Olympic sport.