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cheers to me

what do you do for 'me' time? is it something unique or something more common like a bubble bath? i love my days with parks {so much} but lately i have felt like i need some hardcore relaxation. my hard-working and sweet husband works a lot {over twelve hours a day lately} and again, i love my time with our son, but sometimes {esp. when he's clingy from teething} i yearn for just a few moments alone {even ten minutes!} i also know that once he starts moving and talking... i will probably yearn even more. which got me thinking...  thinking about all of the ways we can pamper ourselves | how do we enjoy time in order to rejuvenate? as moms, i think it's common to get stuck in the tricky realm of guilt. to feel bad for leaving the house; for grabbing coffee with a girlfriend, for working out, for running errands alone- or even for just doing our hair + putting on make-up. there is something about putting on mascara and lipstick that makes me feel so much more like a human being again. as moms (or women in general}, i feel like we beat ourselves up for doing anything for ourselves. but what is the result? we quickly become burnt out and exhausted. in order to avoid this, i recommend being proactive and planning ahead. try to recognize your intentions and then follow through (in the best way you can for you and your family- maybe the morning is better for you?) i encourage you not to eliminate all of your 'me' time and to remind yourself that it's not selfish. by doing so, i think we become better people; better wives and better moms. a small amount of uninterrupted personal time is my ultimate re-set button. i am both introverted and extroverted {i know that's weird, but i am} so this helps me so much. i would love to know how you all let go of the world and relax?spa dayspa day 
{i put together this mood board- click above on 'spa day' for how to purchase/more info on each item}
my 'me time' list:

+ crack open a microbrew and put on a documentary
+ a bubble bath - music, a glass of wine, k.hall bath salts, and a book {or no book- sometimes i love to just close my eyes}
+ simplify an area of our house- this helps lessen my personal anxiety 
+ meditate {i am currently reading this book, meditate your weight} and it's fantastic {more coming soon!}
+ spiritual devotionals with a candle burning
+ listen to music and read a book 
+ take a walk or go for a run 
+ a picnic in the park
+ get a blowout {especially if you have curly hair- mine is stick straight}
+ practice yoga or stretch 
+ meet up with a friend 
+ get a mani + pedi {or a massage!} 
+ go to the library 
+ a long, romantic stroll around target {or any store you love} 
+ go to a poetry read or a production 
+ go to the movies + pop some bubbly with friends
+ buy yourself some fresh flowers 

remember to turn off all distractions and schedule the time in advance {if you can!} i also recommend journaling {you don't have to be a writer to journal} but i think it will help you to clear your head, think clearly, and discover your true feelings. 

"one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is time alone with God"

one tip i love: always say something kind to yourself in the mirror while you brush your teeth 
being by yourself is a great way to grow as a person. it's also a way to reflect on current events in your life and develop a sense of self. 
my mom and i have a day of reflexology + a massage planned for next tuesday... i am so excited. i have been wanting this ever since my traumatic labor and delivery last janaury. traumatic yet so worth it- in every way. 
ps: parks and i are road tripping up to my hometown tomorrow! 
can't wait to see family + friends in the buckeye state over the next week 
how do you make time to let yourself think?
have a wonderful day!
hope it's full of some much deserved 'me' time

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