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birthday wishes | your first as 'mimi'

happy birthday to you, mom
and your very first as 'mimi' 
this year has brought us closer than ever 
we have bonded and have experienced the most precious gift of all together
thank you for everything you have done for me and for baby parks this year
i would not have been able to make it through those initial gray winter days of recovering from an intense labor, traumatic c-section, and months of nursing struggles without you and your love. 
you were the light. 
you have always been the light
we wish we lived closer
hundreds of miles separate us 
but you are always in our hearts 
as parks continues to grow and change in the carolinas 
i am always telling him about you 
you are dancing in the kitchen
you are singing old country and george straight songs to the baby
you are turning a weed into the most beautiful bloom
you are chocolate chip cookies
and warm, hearty soups
you are the chicken dance + cabbage rolls around the gazebo during the oktoberfest
you are holding hands while drawing circles on your soft skin
you are glasses of red wine and episodes of downtown abbey 
you are making others feel special; always going out of your way to help 
you are the cowbell during the hometown football games 
you are kisses over and over and demanding a hug (the best hugs) before leaving the house
(this was super fun in high school)
you are trusting your kids and encouraging them to fly
you are making christmas feel so magical 
you are forgiveness, faith and nightly dinner/bedtime prayers 
you are the reason i am sentimental and nostalgic - thank you. 
you are an open-mind and our biggest cheerleader- always.
you are a fun and relaxing day of shopping or thrifting (all) day 
you are a cowboy hat and a really good time at the country concert
you are long walks and a good cup of coffee 
you are the most soothing voice 
you are creativity and a vivid imagination 
you are the only thing i want when i am sick 
you are a heart full of love for all animals 
you are a smile that lights up the world
you are far from us
but you are always with us. 

sending our wishes up to you ... and lots of wishes for more and more years ahead. 
we love you, mimi | xo 
 your first time holding parks was one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. you were meant to be a grandma; our caring mimi. happy birthday to you. 

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