a tourist in your own town: joe's doughs {charlotte, north carolina} | olive june

a tourist in your own town: joe's doughs {charlotte, north carolina}

{target trip on friday- these blooms!!}

on sunday morning, our little family ventured over to the arts district in charlotte {noda} to experience joe's doughs; a gourmet donut shop. it was super fun and delicious... 
here are a few pics from our trip:
a dinosaur shirt, overalls, and donuts - a very sweet sunday morning 
my cute husband in line to order
a kids colorful coloring wall 
loved this little touch! 
{we wish they had high chairs} but we plan to be back {for sure!}
the coffee was super rich and yummy 
and we enjoyed the cool vibe and donuts!  
we tried a cinnamon sugar  + a lemon +  a banana/coconut/carmel donut 

some evenings they even have some incredible dessert donuts {think candy + ice cream sundaes} and this weekend, they are launching some brunch donuts {think chicken and waffles} ... but on a donut! 

visit joe's doughs on facebook for more info
parks straight out of the tub
i still love bath time most
{i think because he loves it so much.}
it's so peaceful 
we rock some tunes and hang out together
how is your week going?
...and what's your favorite donut flavor...
{i usually love SPRINKLES, strawberry, powdered, and coconut most!}
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