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life lately thoughts

+ i have been thinking a lot lately about how so many of my perspectives in life have changed. i yearn for different things than i did just a year ago... even months ago. my styles are evolving, my priorities are changing and my interests are moving from one thing to another. perhaps more quickly than they used to? or am i just more in tune with myself than i was in my twenties? for example, i am no longer a 'quantity over quality' girl. now i want to buy less, choose well, and make things last. i want better pieces and less things. i think i am turning into my little sister? which isn't necessarily a bad thing... she's younger, but i look up to her in many, many ways. #bff 

+ i have been thinking a lot lately about how i am not the best sometimes, but that i am making a promise to myself to always love my family and friends with my whole heart. especially my husband and baby boy, parks. i promise to recognize my faults {as hard as it is sometimes} and hope to always strive to become a better person. 

+ we love breweries and food trucks around charlotte. i am hoping to attend this one this friday! {or soon!} i love that they have art, yoga on the lawn, and a movie at dusk every friday. 

+ how cute are these homesick candles? i grew up in the country- around cornfields, farm animals, sports, and faith- where we road bikes and explored in small-town, ohio. i absolutely loved seeing that ohio's candle scent was honeysuckle and carnation. honeysuckle reminds me so much of 'home.' north carolina's is blackberries and vinegar bbq sauce- also so right on. how perfect would this be for a family/person moving away from the place they grew up/love? where do you want to raise your kids? 

+ the gilmore girls trailer is here!!! the return of stars hollow is no longer just a dream. i am thrilled beyond words. do you plan to watch? 

+ dreaming about leggings, cardigans, sweaters, and booties over here. and pumpkins. 

+ any other font lovers out there?  these best nye sign fonts are too cool.

+ i love my days with parks. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think... how lucky am i? these days and times will never be here again and it's just all so close to my heart- being able to be his mom. as a 'thank you,' he said 'da da da da' in the tub tonight. he clearly loves being with me, too! :) 
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  1. I saw those Homesick Candles on Cup of Jo yesterday too! I want a Michigan and Ohio one!

  2. Dreaming of leggings and sweaters and Gilmore Girls!

  3. We watched the GG trailer in the hospital. We are so excited. I also have a desire for less ... Having a smaller maternity wardrobe made me realize how little I do need