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downtown charleston | south carolina {a guide}

hi, you all! hope your morning or day is going well so far! today, i am so excited to share some of my very favorites things about my favorite southern city. the beautiful city of charleston, south carolina holds such a near and dear part of my heart. i fell in love with it about eight years ago when i visited {a lot} from charlotte {it's only three hours away.} at the time, my cousin owned a few art galleries there so i started to visit and explore and fell head over heels in love. it's so easy to do. i usually feel like i have stepped back in time or are in another country. my husband proposed to me by the battery in downtown charleston a little over four years ago... so it's even more special now. in fact, it was just voted the best city in the usa here. {my beloved asheville, north carolina also made the list at #10!} asheville is only a few hours away and i love the vibe there as well! i would totally move to both of these places tomorrow; however, charlotte is also pretty amazing. you can't beat a clean city that is so close to the beach and the mountains. but especially the people i have met here- they have made this journey so incredible and have become like family. yesterday, i shared our beach trip to the isle of palms, which is located right outside of charleston. on the wednesday of our trip, we ventured into historic charleston for some exploring, shopping, dinner, and drinks. my parents and my brother-in-law went into the city earlier in the day for a carriage ride and lunch. it's such a lovely city and i thought i would share a guide to some of my favorite spots with you all today. 
places to stay | 

the mills house {we stayed here when we got engaged and LOVED it}
both marriotts downtown have great pools for the summer months 
holding mimi's hand at the rooftop bar- vendue/the library 
places to eat | 

fleet landing {get a bloody mary + shrimp and grits}
cannon green {want to try this place next!}
pearlz {oysters!}
love this juice bar! 
we hit it up daily over my sister's bachelorette weekend {a detox!} 
check out that weekend here 
he loved chucktown, usa! 
things to do | 

a horse carriage ride {so informational!}
go to one of the many beaches 
take a cooking class 
check out rainbow row
rent a bike! 
parks' outfit: 
shorts with suspenders: h & m
shirt and shoes: old navy 
pacifier clip: ryan and rose 
we visited the gin joint for unique cocktails and delicious appetizers
they have this really cool menu idea 
where they list a bunch of words and you pick two
and then they create a drink!
words like: refreshing, spicy, floral, tart, fruit, strong, herbal, unusual, bitter, smoky 
so cool, right? 
eat well- travel often 
strolling the cute streets 
places to grab cocktails |

the outdoor area of the blind tiger pub {you will think i am crazy until you walk outside!}
the bar at husk {next door in an old carriage house}
the belmont
places to shop |

kings street {full of modern shops/antique stores}
anthropologie on king street 
{can you find me?}
a joint sister birthday dinner at poogan's porch 
the cutest little yellow house with killer shrimp and grits and macaroni and cheese 
until next time, beautiful charleston 

i love you.

have you been?
... if so, what are some of your favorites...
wishing you a wonderful weekend
ps: i would avoid the summer months if you can... october-may is ideal! it's the best place to walk around and it's super {super} hot there in the summer! but still awesome either way. 
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  1. After seeing that cheese tray, it's official: I have to go to the Belmont!

    1. yes! such a great place to try! thank you, christine

  2. We took a fall trip there a couple years ago and LOVED it! We stayed at the French Quarter Inn. That place was amazing! Would love to go back.

    1. isn't it the best!! i have heard great things about that hotel, too! i would love to go back every chance i can get! have a great weekend, penny!

  3. I've been wanting to visit!! Thanks for sharing this! :)

    1. hi!! you really should! and you are so welcome! hope you enjoy if you ever go...

  4. After reading your post about suggestions for blogging I decided to start a small down/downtown series. Loved reading about Charleston! Thank you again for your beautiful posts and continued inspiration!!!

    1. awe, yay!!! this just made my day! i love that idea :) my heart is so happy right now. have a great weekend, kristen! excited to catch up on your blog this weekend- xo

  5. What an extensive and fun list! Some of the names of those restaurants were so creative. I looovve juice jars, so I would definitely have to find one if I ever visited Charleston :)

    1. thank you, rachel!! i am so glad you enjoyed and i love some of the names. juice bars are my current obsession! i wish i could go daily! have a great weekend!! :) {and hope you get to visit this awesome city!}

  6. I have always wanted to visit Charleston! Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. you are so welcome and hope you get to go!!

  7. i live in charleston and work downtown. :)

    1. a dream!! don't you just love it!! i always say when i visit, 'i would move here tomorrow! today!!' haha

  8. I would LOVE to go to Charleston! It's on my bucket list. It's so different than anything I'm used to (I live in Minnesota) that I just think it would be so much fun!

    1. I think you would LOVE it!! It's full of southern charm and is so historic {and beautiful!} thank you for stopping in, Karin!

  9. Ive never been, but your photos are so great they make me want to book a vacation asap :)

  10. Such an adorable post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. you are so welcome and thank you for the love! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to go to Charleston!

    1. you are so much and you should go! it's so lovely