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a housewarming gift + current summer playlist

today i am excited to share a little housewarming gift i put together last weekend. two of my really good friends moved into our neighborhood- a two minute walk down the street. yay! beaming with excitement... bring on the house hopping nights. i decided to put together a small gift for them + a bottle of wine. this little basket was only $15 total and all collected around my local target store. on sundays i like to take long, romantic strolls around target by myself. it's these things that makes motherhood so incredible. the little things matter so much more now. does anyone else feel the same?
wire crate: $3 
chicken/sheep/cow towel: $3 
plates: .99 each 
straws: $1
clipboard: $3 {she just started her own business}
hand soap: $3
i think they loved it! 
when i receive a gift, it isn't about the price tag for me
but the thought and gesture 

i also love these 11 hostess gift ideas from a cup of jo 
my brother, alex, recently got me hooked on spotify
i am still loving pandora but have started to explore this as well
and i think i really like it 
what's are your favorite stations? 
i am an acoustic, coffeehouse, indie chill lovin' gal
{no modern music love really}
let me know what you love and would love to follow you on there! 
current summer playlist: 

the lumineers {cleopatra album}
shiver - lucy rose
half the world away - aurora 
celeste - ezra vine
alaska - maggie rogers
lay, lady, lay - bob dylan 
that's just about right - blackhawk
firefly - mura masa
better - banks
love somebody - st. lucia
dreams - fleetwood mac
we can work it out - the beatles

what are you currently listening to? 
and i am still getting used to the world of snapchat
but really love it. 
username: nellemonaco
for snaps of my days
would love to follow you back! 
this post was not sponsored 


  1. Wow, this is so pretty. Such a thoughtful gift.

    The Lumineers have the best songs for the summer. Love them.

    I'm gonna have to check out these other songs. I'm growing my Spotify list. :)

    1. thank you so much!! I heart them, too! their songs are amazing. thanks for the sweet message!!

  2. That looks like such a cute housewarming gift. I spy a lot of Target items, and you just can't go wrong with Target ;). I actually have that chicken, sheep, cow towel and LOVE it. You know I'm a snapchat fanatic, and I just added you. Thanks so much for checking up on me the past couple of days. Lastly, I totally think Spotify is the bees knees. I love that you can listen to the songs offline without using your data and there are so many songs at your fingertips. I haven't created any playlists yet though.

    1. hi! i course girl! hope you're feeling ok! i am just getting into snapchat lately and i love it. i didn't understand it prior but i do now!!! love. and it's all from target! :) hope you're feeling better today and hope you heal quickly. have a great evening and loving spotify!!

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I love that the Target $ spot has so many cute and affordable items. It makes it really easy to put together affordable gifts.

    Spotify is my fave. I used to be a tried and true Pandora girl but you can listen to whole albums on Spotify and you can customize playlists. It's awesome.

    1. i am loving it so, so much! and the dollar section has become so cute! i put together these pieces throughout the store but am loving it, too! thanks again for all the love today, girl!