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what to bring or do for a new mom

gift ideas for the new mom
gift ideas for the new mom 

becoming a new mom is a very tender time; it brings exhaustion, pain, confusion, vulnerability, and tears- but it's so magical at the same time. one of the things i was most blown away by when we brought parks home was the community of people that surround us. my friends who visited in the hospital and at home not only brought thoughtful baby items for our new baby, but they also brought things for me {dry shampoo, wine, homemade granola, chocolates, etc.} these were sincere and thoughtful gestures that meant so much.

today i thought i would share some ideas for you- in case you would like to pass on the love. {i know a new mom in your life would love it!} every mom is different and prefers different things depending on her personality so i tried to come up with a diverse list. soon, i hope to post some 'survival kit' ideas for you to create if you are interested?

for baby: 
- velcro swaddle blankets {blankets and beyond is my favorite brand- esp. for a winter baby}
- a baby book
- pacifier clips
- a piggy bank
- a cross for his/her room 
- sleepers
{note: don't feel like you have to bring a gift!! visiting and offering to help in any way is appreciated!}

for mom: 
- a 'home spa' box: robe, candles, a magazine
- chapstick {my lips were very dry after my c-section}
- luna bars 
- a gift card to a spa 
- a cupcake from a local bakery
- eye cream + blush to help with the exhaustion 
- nutella to-go packets 
- fresh flowers {baby's breath would be a simple and sweet touch} 
- her favorite bottle of wine 
- a travel coffee mug {she will most likely need it!}
- coconut oil + lactation cookies for the nursing mom {and the my brest pillow- so amazing}

for the family: 
- one hot meal and one freezer meal {+ dessert is always awesome}
- healthy snacks {especially for older kids}
- walk the dog 
- a small gift for the other siblings {the dollar section at target works great} 
- take the other kids for an hour or two
- depending on the person, offer to clean the house  
- gift cards for the dad so he can go out and pick up food 

- i was amazed at the amount of people who sent happy mail: cards and packages galore! 
- our neighbors decorated our front porch and door with 'it's a boy!!' 
- the gift of time: allow the family time to get adjusted and rest 
- keep them in your daily prayers 
lastly, i was at a baby sprinkle on sunday morning at cafe monte {so good!} when a mom of a two year old girl + is expecting a sweet babe in october grabbed my camera and generously said, 'here let me get a few pics of you and parks... i know how it is- all of the photos on your phone are usually of your baby and other people.'  how true! i feel a lot of the time other moms of my own generation just 'get it' {the abundant amount of information available, pinterest struggles, time management and techonology balance in the 21st century, etc.} and their love and support mean the absolute world. people can be so kind amidst an often cruel world. i hope to pass on the love to new moms every chance i get... thank you, ashley - i will cherish the photos you took- always. we were both sweaty from some babywearing/a nap while my friend opened her cute gifts ... but i honestly don't care. i love them. 
what do you love to do for new moms? 
or what did someone do for you that you loved? 

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  1. Love that photo of you and Parks! These are all such lovely ideas. After coming home with Max, my biggest wish from my guests/visitors was that they didn't stay too long lol. Seriously though, it was tough recovering from my hemorrhage (the anxiety over possibly hemorrhaging again was all-consuming for me and made me very emotional) and getting used to nursing a baby was uncharted territory. Entertaining guests was not high on my list of priorities or desires, even though I enjoyed the company and the gesture. After Louisa, my biggest wish is for my guests to entertain Max for a bit! It's funny how things change with more kids!

  2. Wine and food were the best gifts-it was so nice not having to go to the grocery for dinner right away!

  3. Yes! I love this. Anything to make life easier after just having a babe. Such a fun post! :)

  4. My husband pours at a wine tasting room up in Los Olivos and it was so thoughtful for them to send us a bottle of their champagne and flutes for us to celebrate. Even flowers sent to us and the baby from my husband’s work just touched my heart and made me cry. It’s always those unexpected gifts or well wishes from the people you don’t expect that mean just as much as gifts from family or friends.

  5. I love this list! It's such a good idea to bring something specifically for the new mama that isn't baby-related. It's sure to make her feel loved and special!

  6. My brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby in October so this post gives me great ideas of things I can do for them. I feel like, at showers and the expecting of the baby, it's forgotten that the mama and daddy both need to be pampered and cared for, too. I have a great idea to get all my brother's friends to put him together a daddy basket. A basket of things they think he'll need to take care of the baby. I also want to put my sister in law a pampering basket together so she can take care of herself, too. I'll definitely be loading them up with a couple meals, too.