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thirty-three candles

saturday was my thirty-third birthday and it was wonderful. i felt so loved and so thankful all day. especially after finishing year thirty-two; my favorite {by far} yet. i had the honor of carrying, delivering, and caring for my baby boy - my lifelong dream of becoming a mom came true and i have loved every second of it. i actually don't think often about my birthday. i guess it's due to the fact that my sister's is just four days before mine {i love that we get to celebrate together} in fact, there were several times on friday that i literally forgot that the next day was my birthday. it was such an incredible week with my family {i posted several pics on instagram, but decided to take the week off 'technology wise'} i missed you all and it feels so good to be back though. last week- we relaxed, we laughed, we played lots of games/stayed active, and we had a lot of deep chats - it was drama-free and very memorable. most of all, they all helped me so much with parks {mr. monaco had to work all week} it was so nice...i wanted them to enjoy their time on vacation, but they each kept stepping in and insisted on helping. he is so loved. i never felt stressed with a little babe in the sun/traveling. i felt calm and i felt so very blessed. 

last wednesday, we went into downtown historic charleston together for drinks, a delicious 'joint sister birthday' dinner, and some exploring. it's my favorite southern city. {chicago is my favorite northern!} and then friday evening, i went out to a birthday dinner with my siblings + parks while my parents had a cute little date together {they are hardcore lovebirds.} the baby was so, so good as he watched us chat + wine and dine. the spot was ideal for a bunch of foodies + i absolutely loved our conversations. and then at the end, they totally embarrassed me by bringing out {everyone} to sing 'happy birthday' per my brother-in-law's request. 

i told my husband that i wanted my birthday this year to be simple- the way i want this year to feel. i would be happy laying in the park or grabbing a beer at a local brewery. we drove back from the beach early {i arrived home to a super clean house- the true way to my heart! plus, light green daisies and a sweet card/gift from my boys} and then instead of running out for a mani, like i had originally planned, i decided to enjoy a salad on our back patio with my little family + my parents... followed by a craft beer while baby parks slept on my chest. it really doesn't get any better! later in the day, we attended a beautiful wedding on a hillside just north of charlotte. it was an honor to spend my day celebrating the marriage of a gorgeous couple with some of my closest friends. 

i am so thankful for the countless kind and thoughtful messages sent my way- so sweet. 

my goals for this year: simplify life + be more gentle on myself {and meditate- lots of meditation!} 

photos |
- birthday wishes on my birthday eve + a red velvet slice 
- birthday wishes on my first birthday- june 25, 1984
- beach vibes 
- fresh flowers for the beach house {my mom, sister, and i love, love fresh florals}
- exploring downtown charleston- saw a '216' for some cleveland/ohio pride 
- isle of palms is simply breathtaking
- i started reading the book, you are a badass, and am so, so in love. it's awesome. {more soon}
- cocktail love at the obstinate daughter friday evening {so good}
- the best birthday gift in the world... my son, parks {my whole heart}

and this song by lucy rose

hope you had a great weekend! 
here's to thirty-three ... i am so ready for you
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  1. Your week (via Instagram) looked so relaxing and fun! My husband and I share a birthday so it really ends up just being another "anniversary" day of sorts...I actually like it that way!

    1. that's so fun though!! :) i love celebrating with my sister <3 it's way more fun i think! i loved your post today and am praying for a healthy delivery for you! you can do it!!! and will love being a mom. xo

  2. Lovely pictures! Hope you have an awesome week <3

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