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simply loving

thank you for the messages and prayers regarding my post yesterday. i am ok. just having a difficult time lately with a few things. when i moved to charlotte, almost nine years ago, i began to practice hot yoga and it truly changed my life. i felt calmer, more confident, and more at peace. i think i need some more mediation and yoga in my life lately- and prayers. it's nothing regarding my health/nothing about parks. but thank you. my sister flew in late last night and my mom, dad, and grandma will be here late tonight for parks' baptism sunday. i think their visit will be good for the soul, too. how do you combat anxiety? 

wishing you a wonderful weekend 
+ sharing five things i currently adore: 
this wooden tray 
the pearl is my birthstone {hello, june} 
how beautiful is this ring?
perfect for an outdoor summer space 
we are going to start parks on solids soon 
i have been doing some research {there is way too much! .... in my opinion} 
without turning into a crazy person, i want to way the options 
what did you introduce first? 
we are not going to do rice cereal, but are considering oatmeal {per our pediatrician} at five months 
and then vegetables/avocado/egg at five and a half months
any advice from experience? 
this etsy shop owner makes the cutest pieces for kids 
we have this wreath on our front door and i just love it. 
hope you have a fabulous weekend!
any plans? 
what are you simply loving?
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  1. Oh girl, thinking of you!! Anxiety is the real deal--thoughts and prayers headed your way!! Also, we did do rice cereal and actually had to stop it because I think it was disturbing her sleep (trouble digesting) we switched to oatmeal and she LOVES it...she is back to sleeping through the night! So far she has had sweet potato, carrot, and corn! We are going to do all veggies before fruits because I know that once we give that girl sweets, we are in for it! Good luck, mama!

    1. thank you so much!! :) Thank you for the great advice... hoping his love for solids is like his love for milk! big boy hasn't missed many meals. lol. I plan to ship your gift tomorrow!!

  2. Love that tray! Your blog is so pretty, can't wait to snoop around!

    1. Thank you so, so much!! Welcome and have a great day!

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