a charlotte spotlight | the secret gardens of fourth ward tour | olive june

a charlotte spotlight | the secret gardens of fourth ward tour

a few weeks ago, i was invited to the secret gardens of the fourth ward tour in uptown charlotte and i am so glad that i decided to go... it was a lovely day. first of all, the weather was absolutely ideal~ about 75 and sunny with a cool breeze. we met uptown at the 7th street market for a latte and then walked a few blocks to the fourth ward. the fourth ward is a historic area that is tucked into the northwest corner of the city - and it's beautiful.  we started the tour off with a complimentary carriage ride through the streets of the area, which is where we met some hilarious and super fun women {our new friends!} most of them moved to the south from new york/new jersy and now live together in a retirement community here. we ran into them throughout the tour and enjoyed some laughs together. 

the tour was a walkable and self-guided tour put on by the friends of the fourth ward {a non-profit organization} where guests were invited into the rarely-seen private gardens of the fourth ward; revealing the secret green worlds tucked behind courtyard walls. in addition, the tour included: free beer, craft cocktails {courtesy of muddy river rum, cardinal gin, doc porter's vodka, and rock bottom brewery} there were also $1.00 oysters from the sea level nc {i really want to try this place- i looked it up and totally looks like my kind of place} and complimentary bites and samples from the asbury, the poplar street cafe & wine bar and rock bottom brewery.  tickets were only $20 - so worth it. 

it highlighted public art and historic homes- it was incredible. there is another tour in december for the holidays, which i am hoping to attend!! how wonderful will that be... twinkling lights, festive decorations, and hot chocolate on a december afternoon? i will keep you all posted on the dates in case you are local. 

... here are a few of the photos i snapped... 
i hope you enjoy!
 i wanted to give you all a mini tour
 {because it was one gorgeous day}
i loved this house- it was so unique 
first stop
this yellow house was my favorite outside 
this was our first patio/backyard
 i especially loved this blanket and fireplace
we enjoyed a delicious and refreshing cocktail from doc porter's distillery  
a secret fairy garden- so cute
one of our new friends - fabulous you all 
i love this girl! 
lauren invited me to the event - i really enjoyed meeting her sweet friends
she works with my brother-in-law, bassey, and we have connected through social media 
{this relates to yesterday's post- i want to connect, but i also want to disconnect regularly as well...}
this was our second stop  
third stop 
this was a really fun stop- they had a small patio with a wood hot tub and this awesome pond
i fell in LOVE with the new poplar street cafe and wine bar 
plus, it's so close to our house
i felt like it was both feminine and masculine
super cute - with an awesome outdoor area 
plus, they served sangria, pimento cheese sandwich bites, and a yummy apple dessert
i will be back soon! 
then we headed over to the sky house rooftop - oh my!! so amazing. 
rock bottom brewery was up there serving craft beers + the oyster stop from sea level
this little garden gnome stole my heart 
this house had their doors open for a home tour, too
adored it. 
and their backyard was probably my favorite 
we met this very friendly photographer, who took a few photos of us laughing 
{his green hair was on point!}
this is where we did our 'mini photo shoot' 
...we were touring a house that was for sale when i looked out the window to this view... #sold. #iwish
{it was super, super old - which i really loved!}
this is the backyard that i mentioned was my favorite 
have you ever done a garden tour? 
hope you enjoyed the virtual tour
and charlotte friends- i can't recommend it enough! 
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  1. My husband is from Charlotte, and we'll be making the trip up there this summer with our 8 month old (will probably be 10 months when we go). We're wanting to make it a mini vacation and stay in a hotel rather than stay with family. Can you give any suggestions of things to do, places to eat, and where to stay with a baby?

  2. Beautiful pictures! This makes me want to go to North Carolina just for the historical standpoint!


  3. These pictures are so pretty! I love doing house tours like this and seeing all the amazing architecture and how other people decorate their homes. So pretty!