parks james | four months | olive june

parks james | four months

another month with parks james 
and an even fuller heart. 
it just gets better and better every day. 

here is a four month update:
clothing size | some 3-6 months but mainly 6-9 month clothing {and some 12 month}
diaper size | we use grovia hybrids and it's going well so far! cloth diapering has been so much easier than i had pictured! {so far} we also use the honest company {size two} diapers every now and then. 
nicknames | parksie and boo bear
health | no issues again this month- so grateful. 
chilling at his four month check-up on 5.18.16
a year ago at this time i wrapped up these mint converse shoes + a knitted winter hat in a box with a note and gave it to my parents; to tell them about baby. now he fits into these adorable shoes... and my mom and dad are on their way to visit us now. what a wonderful year it has been!! 
sleep | parks transitioned to his crib when we returned from ohio on april 19. he had outgrown the bassinet in our room and although it was easy for him, not so much for me. i came downstairs and told myself i was going to keep it together. i walked into our pantry and lost it... mr. monaco looked up and rushed over and said, 'wait, what's wrong!?! what happened?' i replied, 'he's in his big boy crib.' he smiled and kind of laughed- which made me laugh. {he thought something serious had happened.} but you know what, i was sad. parks now sleeps around 9-11 hours a night and loves his bed. he still uses the baby merlin's magic sleepsuit but i think we might transition him into a sleep sack for the summer {due to overheating}. we are going to see how it goes but he definitely loves his sleepsuit and i highly recommend it; it's been so good to us. 
diet | he is still a great eater! so far just breastmilk for baby boy... he usually eats about 5-7 oz. at a time. luckily, my journey with exclusively pumping took a turn for the better mid-april. although there are still some unpleasant moments/it takes a lot of my time, i am happy to do it for him and am thankful that things are getting better. i told myself that i was going to pray about it and see where april took me... and in my heart, i am not ready to stop. at this point, i am playing it all month to month. i plan to share some of the things that helped me along the way with you all soon; things i wish i would have known. 
how cute are these rattles from spearmint baby?!
this is one of my favorite sites for baby items - i literally love everything. 
loves |
his hands 
car rides 
his animal play mat
bath time 
blowing bubbles
being worn
sophie the giraffe
playing in the exersaucer
mimi's voice when she calls 
ikea play mat and toys
walks in his stroller
making noises that sound like we have a mini dinosaur living with us
teething rings and keys 
... and still loves his mom! <3 
dislikes |
+ teething!! we started using hyland's baby teething tablets for natural relief and i think they are working.
+ being overly tired
+ tummy time 
+ don't let big boy go hungry or pull out his bottle before he's done... 
the dr. thinks his eyes will be either green or hazel... i agree!

milestones |
+ you discovered your feet and held your bottle on may 12- big day for you! happy baby pose is now your favorite position 
+ your neck strength was good enough to go into the exersaucer and you love it!! we have this one and it's awesome!! it even has a train that makes noise and goes around... so fun! 
+ you can roll from front to back and are starting to move around a lot more 
+ sleeping through the night!! yay 
moving so fast all the time #blurrylegs

things i want to remember | 
+ your first kentucky derby party... you were so loved. you enjoyed being loved on by all of mom and dad's greenville friends
+ my first mother's day; we explored downtown greenville and you were amazing 
+ how you smile every time i come in to get you from your crib 
+ rocking you in our glider 
+ reading you books and dancing to baby einstein on pandora 
+ bath time - it's peaceful and your expressions are the best. you love, love bath time {and so does your momma!}
for more updates on parks, follow me on snapchat {nellemonaco} for photos + videos
--birth stats--
weight | 9 pounds 6 ounces
height | 22 inches
head | 14 inches
--one month stats--
weight | 11 pounds 3 ounces {80th percentile}
height | 22.5 inches {92th percentile}
head | 97th percentile 
--two month stats--
weight | 13 pounds 14 ounces {81st percentile}
height | 23.5 inches {68th percentile} 
head | 97th percentile 
--four month stats--
weight | 17lbs {79th percentile}
height | 26.25 inches {89th percentile}
head | 97th percentile
if you follow me on instagram, you saw that yesterday was an exciting day
we found out on tuesday that parks was chosen to be a 'baby model rep' for a photography company. they have close to 200 stores around the country and wanted to use him to kick-off a new program for their company. {i was in a few of the photos, too} this baby boy smiled and posed for about six hours. he was so, so good. he napped on me half way through and was just the sweetest. i was so proud of him. i can't wait to get the photos. we met some very nice of people and had a lot of fun. 
so excited to see what month five brings
these have been the best four months of my life 
parks james | three months 

on a completely separate note, we ordered japanese food last night and i fell in love with the special shrimp sauce all over again. so good. right?!

have a wonderful weekend!
any exciting plans? 
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  1. Oh my glob that bowtie! All the heart eyes.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if any baby fits in the appropriate age/size of clothing. It always seems like kids outgrow the 3-6 faster than they should!

    1. haha it's crazy!!! all of the brands run differently! he wears some 3 month and some 12 month!

    2. and hope you're feeling well!! so excited for you

  3. Oh my goodness! He's just the cutest! I love his little smile and the picture of him in the bowtie! So adorable! They grow up so fast but there's something great about every stage of life! The photo shoot looks like it was so amazing. Yay for Parks for being a baby model. He really is that cute!

    1. thank you so much! we had a lot of fun :) you are such a sweet supporter and bogland friend, leslie! have a great weekend

  4. They grow so fast! And he's as cute as ever!

  5. So cute!!!! Happy 4 month to Parks =)

    Edye | Http://

  6. THAT BOWTIE! The cutest. Jack hates tummy time, too. I've been so emotional all month because it's been a year since we found out/shared our news with family, and it's just so incredibly to see how much life can change in a single year.

    1. it's going so fast!! and i have been, too. loving your pics and good luck on your new adventure, girl. parks HATES it, too! :(