my top fifteen baby items | months 0-4 | olive june

my top fifteen baby items | months 0-4

my sweet baby will be four months old this sunday... how did this happen? i feel like he's been around forever. {probably because i can't imagine life without him.} i have had a lot of questions regarding my favorite baby products so i thought i would share my top fifteen at the moment. i know it can be overwhelming registering/deciding, but i recommend staying as calm as possible and having fun with the process. try to take it one step at a time and remember that you can return almost anything! 

i will share more along the way... but here are my top choices for months 0-4. 

1. solly baby wrap | i love baby wearing {so much!} and this is my absolute favorite company for wraps! i can't recommend them enough... i usually wear him daily and he is so content! i was wearing him about a month ago at a local brewery {he slept on me for hours} when my friend, who is an occupational therapist, gave me a big 'thumbs up!' and then told me that wearing him is the best thing i can do for his physical and mental growth right now. made me feel so good about our choice to baby wear. plus, it's a great way to be hands-free and get things done {especially if you have more than one kid!} this wrap is more lightweight than others {great for living in the south!} and the patterns are adorable. *when i am blogging, he's usually right here with me; snuggled up in our solly baby wrap!

2. my brest friend nursing pillow | a total life-saver! if you plan to breastfeed, buy this :) i recommend this one hundred times over a boppy! {especially for your time in the hospital if you have a c-section}

3. rock n' play | he loves this thing! he is cooing away in it right now! he takes naps in it every now and then; however, we usually use it as a swing. a swing is a must in my opinion! this is the perfect size and doesn't take up a ton of space in our living room.

4. grovia hybrid cloth diapers | this has been a surprisingly very easy process and the perfect choice for our family. they are both environmentally and economically friendly... and he hardly ever gets a diaper rash. i had several friends reach out with tons of advice {so appreciative for this!} again, they have just been a fantastic fit for us and i am so glad that we took the risk. {so far!} i will get back to after we introduce solids... but so far, so good! and the honest company makes the best wipes!

5. natursutten pacifier and ryan & rose clip | we chose to introduce a binky in the hospital and have zero regrets. i actually can't imagine him not taking one! it makes him so happy and our pediatrician was on board as well. {ps: i LOVE her- let me know if you are in the charlotte area and want her information- she's SO amazing. luckily, i haven't had to call them for a few months but when i do, their staff is also great} we tried several pacifiers, but this brand has been his absolute favorite! and i can't imagine not having a clip... these are super cute and work great! {and don't get stained/dirty easily}

6. boon lawn | this is so incredible for storing freshly washed bottles. plus, it's cute on the counter. we also have the trees {they sell flowers/butterflies, too} for drying shields and nipples.

7. soft rattles from the land of nod | my sister-in-law, tricia, gave parks one of these for christmas and we have loved it! perfect for little babes so that they don't hurt themselves with their sporadic and rigid movements.

8. anais + aden swaddle blankets | these are so wonderful for new babies! they are ideal for swaddling, layering, and are so lightweight. they just get softer the more you wash them and come in the cutest prints.

9. baby merlin's magic sleep suit | a friend told me about this suit and it's been another life-saver. parks has always been a great sleeper {yes, we are so lucky!!}. besides the first two nights we were home from the hospital, he has never not gone back to bed after waking up to eat. however, this sleep suit has helped him to sleep through the night. he is now sleeping 9-11 hours straight. plus, he gives a big smile when we put him in it. i truly think he finds it comfortable and helpful; allowing him to sleep soundly {it's weighted so that he doesn't get easily startled} i love it because he still has access to his fingers {so he can self-soothe} and can put his arms over his head, which he loves most. plus, he looks absolutely hilarious in this... just like a little marshmallow man!

10. 4 moms bathtub | this tub rocks! again, i researched a ton of options and am so happy with this choice. it tells you the temperature and he seems very happy and secure in it. confession: i love every product they make!

11. the baby jogger city select stroller | i love, love, love this stroller! it's a smooth ride and is super agile. it folds up easily and is the perfect size/type for our family. it can go sixteen different ways and will grow with our future family {it came with two seats + the car seat snaps in + a bassinet}. we also plan to get a glider someday for when parks is a big boy/brother.

12. skip hop alphabet zoo activity mat | he loves to play with 'his friends' every day! every animal has something unique; all things a baby loves. a rattle, mirror, noises, a teething ring. this mat is just awesome.

13. boppy lounger | he loves this... and so do i! when i need to shower, get ready, re-heat my coffee {again} or do a task... he just chills! side note regarding coffee: my parents just gave me a yeti coffee travel mug and and far exceeds everything i have heard. your coffee will stay hot for around six hours! and ice will stay as well... it's worth the money {in my opinion!}

14. buffet table changing table | we decided to go with an antique buffet table from a local thrift store for our changing table and i could not be happier with the choice. it's higher up and the drawers are perfect for staying organized.

15. glider | i researched tons and tons of gliders and we decided to go with this one in sachi white from home decorators collection {it was on sale over labor day!} it's so, so comfortable, a great size, and super cute. in love.
--nursery scenes--
a few bonuses:
 this handmade swing from lil swinglets! i can't wait to hang parks' up soon 
{it's my new go-to baby gift for showers/new babes}
+ shea moisture products are my absolute favorite for bathing/lotions/oils 
+  the baby einstein pandora station has started- and he loves. 
{my music... see you in about ten years!!} 
again, this stroller is the best! i love it so much. 
a stroller is a big purchase and i feel like we chose the one that will grow with our family
and will hopefully last through all of our kids 
parks has loved bath time since he was about two months old
so much more fun now!
and you will never guess where i buy most of his clothes... 
at consignment stores... and on instagram! 
so cute and so cheap 
if you are interested, i can post soon about my favorite shops?
{both vintage and modern} 
what about you? 
what are your favorite products
especially for months 4-8?
...however, the one thing i have learned...
you don't really 'need' any of this
all that babe really wants are cuddles, kisses, milk 
and lots of love. 
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disclaimer: all opinions are my own | this post was not sponsored by any of the companies above 


  1. That little swing is the cutest thing ever! I also loved my Moby wrap, which is very similar to the one you have listed here. I remember taking my daughter out on a walk a couple of days after we got out of the hospital. It was the middle of January and we snuggled her in it so she was nice and warm. She loved it and slept the whole time!

  2. I love these types of posts. I'm at that age where my friends are all having baby showers and I'm always looking for something unique but practical that they'll actually want/use/need. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I'm due with a little boy in August and I love reading these lists. Buying for baby is so much fun, but can be so overwhelming!!

  4. I LOVE baby wearing...soaking up every precious moment!