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mother's day love

{june 25, 1983}
a very happy mother's day to all moms today
especially my mom and grandma 
who taught me everything i need to know about being a mom 
which has undeniably become the greatest joy of my life 
everything i am today 
is because of the way you loved and raised me
i love that my second mom growing up is smiling at us in the background
i love you, barb 
on this first mother's day with my son
{last year i had known for just five days that i was going to be a mom!}
i can't help but express my thankfulness to God
for choosing me to be this little boy's mom
he has taught me a new dimension of love
has brought back my innocence 
and has made me realize what the most important things in life really are-
kindness, humbleness, sincerity, and love
becoming a mom has been everything i ever dreamed of-
and yet so much more.
a lot of things about my old life are now gone
but it's so much better.
and i don't want that old life back. 
i am excited to continue to see him grow and learn new things
it's like you get to become a kid over all again! 
how fun is that. 
i have learned that everything in life will be ok 
as long as my children are ok
and i keep telling myself that i won't be able to do it all
but i plan to emulate the values and unconditional love that my mom and grandma always gave me
and with that, i know it will be my very best. 

because i was taught by the best. 

i love you, mom! 
thank you for all of your love 
and for being the best mimi to parks 
he loves you, too. 
we miss you so much 
and wish we could celebrate with you today
enjoy your special day 
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