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healthy living goals + a giveaway

hi! hope your friday is going well... it's a beautiful day here in charlotte. so excited to hang out with a lifelong friend and her husband/kids this weekend. i have mentioned that lately mr. monaco and i are striving to live a better lifestyle. i feel like once you become a mom... your body is no longer just yours ~ you are also living for someone else. so i wanted to share some of the things i have written down lately as goals for living a better lifestyle. how do you live a healthy lifestyle? 
healthy lifestyle goals: 
1. drink more water 
2. wake up early 
3. think positively 
4. eat plant based foods
5. a morning prayer devotional 
6. try new recipes
7. exercise daily 
8. snack on healthy foods
9. face my fears 
10. spend my time and energy on the people who appreciate me for the person i am {a lot more on this soon! i have been inspired by so many people lately regarding this...} 
parks and i went to trader joe's yesterday 
we picked up some herbs, healthy food, and wine! 
i have always thought that the people there are just the absolute sweetest ever 
however, yesterday i was blown away by the love!! 
they kept asking me if i needed anything, told me how handsome he is {i was wearing him in my solly baby wrap} and then they helped me take my groceries out and loaded my car. i mean, so sweet. i just love the people there! {and the food is the best}
  with my friend, lori, who is visiting this weekend
i went home on the first day of kindergarten and told me mom that she was my best friend
and she would be.
 she went home and told her mom the same thing. 
she is the most selfless, caring, domestic, and loving friend. 
speaking of friends who lift you up... i have been blessed with the best. 
they are kind and they inspire me 
{our rehearsal dinner- june 28, 2013}
our city is full of beautiful breweries
... what did families/people do before this new 'let's spend all day saturday at a brewery?"
maybe smaller waistlines and better yards? ;) so fun though. i love how they are full of dogs, kids, and babies
+ a giveaway:
it's all about balance, right? 
my plan is to be strict on the weekdays and then have a {little} fun on the weekends! however, wednesday night i had a craft beer and a brat at old mecklenburg brewery with my book club girls. 
we have several new moms in the group so we decided to start venturing out to wine bars/breweries around charlotte instead of gathering in our homes. and it's been so much fun! the book we read this month was the nightingale by kristin hannah and it was so fantastic!!! i absolutely loved it. i wrote a little bit more about it on this post, nightingales, but decided this week that i wanted to pass the love onto one of you! so i am giving away my hardback book... along with a surprise coffee mug!! please feel free to enter below! it's awesome. 
fresh salad last night for dinner + a tiny glass of a two buck chuck {cab} 
market flowers 
a smoothie bowl for breakfast 
not quite as pretty as the ones i shared, here. but so yummy! 
after his bath yesterday - my sweet baby boy. that face. i can't 
wishing you a wonderful weekend
i hope it's spent relaxing and having fun with family and friends
my thoughts and prayers are with all of our brave, fallen soldiers, and their families
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  1. As far as food goes, I try to eat whole foods as much as possible. I snack on fruit a lot throughout the day and try to load up on the veggies at dinner. I cook at home most of the time so when we do eat out I don't feel guilty about it. :-)

    1. hi sweet catherine! such great advice- thank you! i feel so much better when i do this... it's just having everything at home and planning ahead. i think it's all about balance~ i want to enjoy the little things in life {like craft beer!} but also want to be healthy!

  2. I am all about healthy living!! I love your goals - you got this!

  3. Just read Girl on the Train! So good!! I love Kristin Hannah too!!!

    1. Loved that book!! So good- can't wait for the movie! :)

  4. The Outlander series is awesome!

  5. The Outlander series is awesome!! Been wanting to read this book!

  6. I recently read and really love The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I'm a minimalist so this spoke clearly to me and re-enforced my love for simple, intentional, gently living. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! xoxo

    1. Hi Heather! I LOVED that book! We read that in March for book club and I found it so true and so fascinating! Thank you for entering. I am yearning for simple and gentle living, too!! Have a great weekend

  7. I LOVE Make It Happen! I currently reading a few parenting books.. I love those types.

    1. any parenting books you love? and i can't wait to check that out! thank you so much and thanks so much for stopping in. hope you are having a great week