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currently {may edition}

may is such a pretty month and i am so happy to see it arrive. since becoming a mom last janaury, this has been one of my favorite weeks yet... i just feel like things are really falling into place lately. of course there are moments that have me yearning for more girl time, more time to shower, etc. as i conquer chores around the house all day. but something happened this week that sparked a desire in me to become a better person- more than ever before. i want to be a better person for both my husband and my son. i want to take in this one life. i have been more active, have been cleaning like a mad woman {and organizing and it feels great!} cooking {were you sitting down- hopefully!} haha sadly, i don't know how to cook... but i have been trying! i am praying more and have been connecting more with my internal spirituality. and lastly, i am taking in every single baby cuddle. how do you balance and manage your life? are there small things that you do daily to make yourself a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt? if so, i would love to hear!  
my boys surprised me last night with my first and very own bonnie + bud gift box!!!! 
the perfect mother's day gift for me
i was so shocked and so in love
look for more details next week regarding my first mother's day 
the flowers were so LOVELY. 
{i love those yellow balls, garden roses, and that large pink one- swoon}


celebrating | several things this week! the small moments i am able to spend with parks, cinco de mayo tomorrow, the kentucky derby saturday, and my first mother's day sunday. what are your weekend plans? 

reading | i am currently reading lots and lots of blogs! my favorite things to read. for my two book clubs, we are reading 11.22.63 by stephen king and the nightingale by kristin hannah. have you read either? thoughts? 

pondering | i am trying my hardest to find ways to make the days simple, yet meaningful. i have learned that becoming a mom {the best thing ever for me} has me reflecting even more than i used to. which was a lot. i want to take in the little moments with my babe, but also want to make time for my faith, husband, house, family, friends, self etc. i am hoping to continue pondering and writing down goals often to try and do the very best that i can. 

sipping | i am currently loving orange la croix, green tea, and iced coffee!  

going | we are heading to greenville, south carolina this weekend for a kentucky derby party and i could not be more excited. both for the annual party {with some awesome people} and to visit that cute little southern city. it's a favorite for sure!! have you been? if you get the chance, go! it's the perfect place to spend the day strolling - stopping in a boutique, a cafe, grabbing a drink, an appertizer, an ice cream cone while listening to live music and seeing 'the falls' downtown. it's super close for us and one of my very best friends {from ohio/growing up} lives there... so it's an ideal road trip. you may remember that parks' first road trip was to greenville last march to surprise this friend for her birthday. 
also, i started using periscope {and snapchat-wow, never saw that coming!}
 this week and i think periscope is a new fav. 
{besides instagram- insta, don't worry i am not going to have an affair!}
{and snapchat, sorry, but not completely sold on you yet! but giving it another shot}
my username is: nellemonaco {would love to follow you!}
but seriously, i love it. 
these people are my kind of people
and they inspire me
as a creative, i feed off of other creatives
it's not about competing for me
instead, i am inspired, encouraged and empowered by others 
others who are succeeding in this field 
who see the world the way that i do
periscope is a way to get to know others more; while also seeing all sides of their life 
"what is most personal is most relatable" 
this week, i connected most with ali lewis of the joy in it 
her periscope is @alilewis
thankful to have discovered her through a scope on periscope! 
here is my BEAUTIFUL bonnie + bud gift box
it had the sweetest note ever on it 
which i will share with you soon 

bath time has become a time i cherish with my little boy
what are you currently loving? 
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  1. Beautiful post! I've missed keeping up with you. I'm so glad you're on Snap Chat and Periscope. I'm on both & am now following you! I don't Periscope much, because I feel like it's something I need a little more confidence to do but I love keeping up with others that way. Your Bonnie & Bud box looks so sweet. And my biggest advice for balancing life is this. Soak up every minute of time with your sweet baby. He'll grow up before you know it. And when he's asleep, enjoy time with your husband. Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself, either. You need it! Motherhood is a life changing journey and while it seems hectic and crazy at first, you'll look back and realize that it was worth every minute! Have fun at your Kentucky Derby party this weekend and Happy First Mother's Day to you!

  2. Congrats on being a new mom!! What a time of change and glad to hear things are falling into place!! And Happy first Mother's Day!!

    Ahh, I am trying to be more active on Snapchat. And Periscope I have but haven't used it much...!!

    Have a great time at the Derby party!!

  3. Oh those flowers are just gorgeous! Very befitting a first Mothers Day. And I really enjoyed 11/22/63 - the size of the book looks intimidating, but it reads pretty fast, and I found the premise so fascinating. Thanks for linking up as always!

  4. Those flowers are SO pretty! I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day!